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Fauquier Coutny Criminal Attorney

Criminal charges can have powerful negative effects on your life. Both felonies and misdemeanors can be punished with incarceration and fines. Even a reckless driving conviction can carry a penalty of months in jail and thousands in fines. More importantly, the prospect of a criminal conviction can harm one’s employability, security clearance, educational opportunities, and ability to care for one’s family. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in Fauquier County, please contact an attorney with Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law.

Our attorneys have the knowledge to answer your questions about nearly every type of criminal case that may be filed in Fauquier County, VA. That includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law has experience practicing law in Fauquier County and defending her clients. You may have been ticketed for a traffic offense. This has left you unsure about whether you can drive. You may have been arrested for shoplifting. You agreed to pay the merchant back for certain items, and now you want to know if this was the right decision. You may have been accused of selling illegal drugs. Your vehicle has been seized by the police. You want to talk to a Fauquier criminal attorney to see if the seizure is legal. Whether you have a question about a past, on-going, or potential legal issue, or you are seeking representation, contact us today to schedule a free case analysis.

What a Fauquier Criminal Attorney Can Do For You

The job of a criminal attorney is to advise you on what you should do next in order to protect your rights. There are ways to negotiate with a prosecutor and an alleged victim. If you want to take a plea offer, you may be eligible for community service or a first offender disposition. You may even want to turn down a plea offer and take the case to trial. Karin Riley Porter helps clients explore all of their options and advises clients on the best strategies. In addition, she understands that going before a judge can be a stressful situation so she will work with you to make sure you understand the court process.

Our lawyers have access to databases that contain the most recent cases and statutes and will research the best case law that applies to your case. We will explain technical language in the cases or statutes, so you fully understand the charges against you and how to proceed.

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We do not want to overwhelm clients with unnecessary information, however, our legal team will keep clients fully informed at every step of your case. For a free consultation with an attorney, call (888) 415-8090 today. The best way to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during what can be a difficult time is to contact an attorney and get any questions you may have about your immediate future answered. Our team will take the time to talk you through the charge you face, as well as any penalties that could accompany a conviction.

Warrenton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Warrenton, the county seat and largest town in Fauquier County, is a bustling municipality and one of the most affluent areas in the United States. The picturesque town of approximately 9,000 inhabitants is about an hour drive from Washington, DC at the intersection of Lee Highway and Route 17. To ensure the safety of its residents, Warrenton Police are out on patrol in the streets while Fauquier Sheriff’s Deputies monitor the highways. Any arrests they make are processed at the Adult Detention Center on Lee Street, and cases resulting from such arrests are heard at either the General District or Circuit courts. If you are facing a criminal hearing in Warrenton, call us today at (540) 422-2223 to set up an appointment with a Warrenton criminal defense attorney. Or, you can learn more by visiting the page.

For the convenience of our clients in the Culpeper, Fauquier, Front Royal, Gainesville, Haymarket, Rappahannock and Winchester areas, we have an office located in downtown Warrenton on Waterloo Street.