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Prince William County Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer

Paraphernalia, as it relates to drugs in Prince William County, is called controlled paraphernalia or drug paraphernalia. It is defined to include tools and supplies adapted for the production of controlled drugs under circumstances that reasonably indicate an intention to use such item to consume, produce, sell, or dispense any […]

Abogado de Crímenes Federales de Alexandria

Es importante encontrar a un abogado de crimines federal de Alexandria si ha sido acusado de algún tipo de crimen federal. En términos generales, cuanto más experiencia tenga un abogado, mejor será la base de conocimiento sobre la que se basarán para casos futuros. Además, tener un entendimiento sobre cómo […]

BAC in Richmond

In the state of Virginia (and in most states), driving while having alcohol present in the blood can be a crime. In the Code of Virginia, the state makes it a crime to drive while impaired or drive with a certain percentage of blood alcohol content (BAC). If the police […]

Richmond DUI Courts

The Virginia court system takes DUIs serious and tries to ensure that any criminal decisions are made quickly and efficiently. This may mean that when the government accuses someone of committing a DUI, the defendant must act quickly to build their defense against any potential negative consequences associated with a […]

Richmond DUI Laws

Each state has different laws that deal with driving under the influence. It is important to have an attorney who is familiar with Richmond DUI laws and can advise you of what the laws are and how best to form a defense in the event of an accusation of violating […]

Domestic Assault and Battery

Fairfax County – Prosecution proceeded against client despite victim not wanting to pursue charges. Dismissed at trial.


Fairfax County – Client suffered from Acid Reflux disease and after working with the Commonwealth, they agreed not to offer certificate of breath analysis at the trial. Judge dismissed charge at motion to strike stage.

Felony Drug Possession

Arlington County – Without being disclosed by the Commonwealth, learned the arresting officer had been terminated for cause. Commonwealth agreed to the dismissal of the felony charge prior to court appearance.

Felony Destruction of Property/Public Intoxication

Arlington County – Worked with client and complaining witness prior to court date for him to pay restitution and perform community service. Commonwealth agreed to dismiss charges before the court date

Indecent Exposure

Fairfax County – Charge dismissed at trial despite victim’s testimony.