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Role of an Attorney in a Chantilly Theft Case

If a person is charged with theft, they should consider hiring a criminal lawyer because the sentencing can be serious. Depending on what the facts of the case are, an individual would be facing years in prison, and there will be consequences on their criminal record as well.

The fact that a person would have a criminal conviction, either a felony or misdemeanor, on their record, should be enough to make them want to hire an attorney in the first place. There is a negative social stigma that comes with being convicted of a theft offense that could follow a person for the remainder of their life.

A Chantilly theft attorney can help fight the charges and possibly prevent a theft conviction. There is no reason why a person should ever face a theft offense by themselves. An attorney will be able to help the individual and guide them through the stressful process and work towards giving them the best possible outcome.

Facing a Robbery Charge

A person charged with robbery must realize they are facing a very serious crime. A robbery conviction means the individual will be subject to mandatory prison time, which could be up to life in prison. Depending on the facts of a person’s case and their prior criminal record could mean a sentence of up to life in prison.

Robbery should not be taken lightly, and any situation with a victim who has stated that they were either threatened or harmed during the course of the theft will often lead to a much greater sentence. Not only are there higher mandatory sentences, but the jury or judge will have somebody to look at who was affected on a very personal and emotional level by the defendant’s alleged action. Because of the visibility of the effect, it can lead to a much greater punishment.

If you do not fight the case, you will face severe consequences, and so the moment a person is charged with this offense should almost always result in the individual calling an attorney at the first possible moment because if you do not, those consequences can be extremely severe.

Information to Have Available

If a person is going to contact a criminal lawyer about robbery charges, they should have as much information available as they possibly can. This could include where this alleged incident was going on, what time it occurred, who the person is that was robbed, and what is involved in the robbery charge. Any kind of facts about the case, such as weapons, video footage, or eye or ear witnesses.

Any information that you can bring to your attorney about your potential robbery charge is helpful for them to know. The more facts the better, no detail is too small for your attorney to begin using to prepare a defense.

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