Chantilly Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes are often among the most severely prosecuted crimes and can burden the accused individual with lifelong consequences which can affect both their personal relationships and professional careers. Sex crimes in Chantilly follow the same statutory guidelines for sex crimes in neighboring counties, including charges of indecent exposure, prostitution, solicitation, rape, possession or distribution of child pornography, and sexual battery.

Most of these offenses are heavily penalized and, depending on aggravating factors, can oftentimes be incredibly severe. With these things in mind, it is imperative that anyone facing a sex crime offense consult with a Chantilly sex crimes lawyer immediately to begin preparing a strong defense. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Chantilly can seek to minimize the damage of the accusations and mitigate any penalties associated with the offense.

Common Sex Crimes

One of the more common felony sex crimes that occurs in Chantilly is aggravated sexual battery. This type of crime leaves an individual extremely vulnerable, especially if a weapon had been involved. Further, rape is a serious felony in Chantilly, and any kind of sex abuse case is also quite common and warrants the immediate attention of a Chantilly sex crimes attorney.

Potential Penalties

The possibility of facing jail or prison time along with a hefty fine are among the same penalties as other crimes. However, in a Chantilly sex crimes case there is the added element of sex offender registration, the inability to live near certain areas such as near schools, and the inability to engage in certain occupations such as teaching or counseling.

Additionally, the social stigma of a sex crime can set it apart from other criminal cases. The idea that an individual could be written about in the paper as someone accused of a sex crime could seriously affect their standing in the community, their employment, as well as any personal or professional relationships making it important that a sex crimes attorney in Chantilly is contacted as soon as possible.

Investigation Process

The investigation of a sex crimes case is going to be different from investigations in other cases mainly because of the type of evidence that is needed for a conviction. In a sex crimes case, there is often a lengthy investigation prior to the arrest.

In many situations, these investigations will go on for months, or sometimes years, and involve various tools and procedures. Sometimes, law enforcement will summon the use of a rape kit, which is a forensic assessment of an individual to determine that they had been the alleged victim of a sex crime. A rape kit is also utilized to gather any evidence against the individual accused of rape to further prosecute that individual.

Weight of Statements

There is going to be a lot of statements in the investigation of a sex crime which are different than other crimes. Many sex crimes will be based on the statements of the alleged victim as to the supposed action that took place, as well as the statements of any witnesses present.

Role of a Counselor

If there are children involved, there will be counselors or therapists that may need to be spoken with about the case. There is going to be an investigation into the relationship between the defendant and the alleged victim.

Physical Evidence

In a Chantilly sex crimes case, there will often be a much more prolonged, intense investigation. This will be used in order to gather more physical evidence such as any DNA left behind, a rape kit exam or scene exam where the alleged victim is examined by medical professionals, and any photographs that are taken describing the act. There will also be a lot of discussion as to where the incident occurred, and if there were any witnesses.

These are just some of the ways that Chantilly sex crime investigations and arrests are different than in other cases. Almost always, there is more action on the part of the police than with other, arguably less complex crimes.

Challenging a Sex Crimes Case

Some of the aspects an individual faces during a sex crimes case in Chantilly that are different from other crimes is not only about what is to be proven in court, but is the idea of the collateral consequences that exist if that individual is convicted of a sex crime.

However, the trial process is generally the same. An individual will have a simple trial, or if facing a felony, will schedule a preliminary hearing before appearing at a trial in the Circuit Court.

The evidence presented during a Chantilly sex crimes case will frequently be more intensely scrutinized than in other cases. There will be different types of evidence including the alleged victim’s statement and any found DNA. Also in the prosecution of sex crimes, there is often the need for an expert to give an opinion on physical evidence. With many sex crimes, there will frequently be more experts in the court than would typically be the case with other crimes.

Because the punishment of a Chantilly sex crime carries probable consequences, the crimes themselves often decide the punishments. These punishments can best be argued by a Chantilly sex crimes attorney, who can best defend an individual using the specifics of the case.