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The client reviews on this website were given by actual clients regarding the results achieved in their specific case. Each case is different, and past results do not guarantee a favorable result in future cases. The reviews are presented unedited, and the names of the clients who provided them have been withheld to protect the privacy of those clients. Contact Virginia Criminal Lawyer Karin Riley Porter today for a free consultation.

  •  “I was facing false allegations, and the Investment in Karin was completely worth it. She presented the case so perfectly to the judge, and argued so well on my behalf. Needless to say my charges were dismissed. Karin was a great Investment, and her assertive and confidence in my case really showed throughout this whole ordeal. She really took care of me.” – Jill
  • “Mrs. Porter was professional and very knowledgeable of my situation (2nd possession of marijuana). When I met her, she had a gracious and positive attitude as well as made me feel like I was her only client. What also impressed me was that she was prepared with a map of the area where the traffic stop occurred, the officer’s information and legal research before I walked in her office. I’m happy for the result in my case as it was DISMISSED with community service and gracious to have had her as my attorney.” – A Criminal Defense Client
  • “Karin was able to work with the DA and the state trooper behind the scenes without me present to get the charges dropped. I was never needed to appear in court, except for a short appearance to acknowledge the charges were dropped. I was very satisfied with the outcome of the trial and very appreciative to Karin for the work she did.” – Dave
  • “The guy before me in the courthouse got a huge fine and a suspension, and was charged with basically the same things that I was charged with, but he wasn’t represented. We had a very challenging judge and some problematic circumstances, but I feel Karin was able to get me the best possible outcome in light of the circumstances. In the line to pay the fine there was attorney after attorney apologizing to their clients. I just had a small fine to pay. It was an awesome experience to not need an apology.” – Eric

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