Fairfax Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

The following is information on criminal charges in Fairfax including what makes them unique and what behaviors police are trying to crack down on. For more information, or to seek legal representation call today and set up a free consultation with a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer.

What Crimes or Behaviors Are Fairfax Law Enforcement Officials Cracking Down On?

Well, right now there has been some periodic sting operations aimed at cracking down on human trafficking charges such as prostitution. We are seeing sting operations aimed at arresting and enforcing solicitation of prostitution laws.

There has been quite a few of those across the county that start off with ads on and then individuals, usually men, will answer the ads, appear at the hotel room, and engage in a conversation in exchange of money and return for sex. Then, it turns out that it is actually the law enforcement sting operation.

What is Unique About Defending Criminal Cases in Fairfax Courts?

Well, I think it depends on what charges we are talking about. Different subsets of charges have unique aspects of them compared to other jurisdictions. For instance, petty larcenies in Fairfax County, there is a first offender program for people that have been charged with petty larceny which is misdemeanor larceny.

If a person does not have a prior record, then they can apply for a program that allows them to be on probation and perform 50 hours of community service. If they remain on uniform good behavior during their probationary period, then they can earn a dismissal of the charge. So that is one difference between Fairfax County and other jurisdictions is that that they do have a formal program for that offense.

In addition, there are various other kind of unique aspects of law enforcement sort of priorities I guess for lack of a better term for certain type of offenses and how they handle them. There are unique aspects as to how the narcotics detectives and the officers in the narcotics division in Fairfax County handle their cases. How they collect evidence and how they work with confidential informants that is different than other neighboring jurisdictions.

Current Criminal Justice System Operational Problems

Well, it is not perfect. Certainly a criminal justice system is not fair to everybody. I mean there’s no question about that. Do I think there’s flaws in it? Yes. Do I think it is entirely unfair? No, I do not think so. I think there are systems in place in our American criminal justice system that do aim to protect the rights of individuals who are accused of crime, but it’s not perfect.

That is why having a skilled criminal defense attorney that can assist that person in asserting his and her rights and defending against unfair charges or untrue accusations is important. So that is one of the good things that our system does. It gives an individual the constitutional right to have competent legal representation to fight charges.

I do not imagine that is true across the board in other countries, but it is important and it is essential that people do take advantage of that. But, in general, it is not completely fair and innocent people are going to be charged with things that they are not guilty of. That is going to happen. Unfortunately, sometimes people get convicted of things they are not guilty o

But it’s obviously a work in progress and that is why the practice of law is called a practice. It is not easy and fighting for individual’s rights is a constant struggle but there has been a lot of good things that have been happening. In recent decades, there has been an expansion of rights of individuals and an attempt to make our system as fair as possible.