How Can I Find out if Someone Was Arrested and is in Jail in VA?

If you believe that a family member or someone you know has been arrested in Virginia, there are avenues to find their location, as well as the charges. Arrests can happen quickly and sometimes without the knowledge of the suspect’s family members. This information may be hard to find in real-time, as things may change as a case progresses, however many of the state agencies have information available upon request online or in person. Knowing where to look for this information is important. So, how exactly do you find out if someone was arrested and is in jail in VA?

Can I Use an Online Database to Find an Arrest Record?

Yes, there are several online databases available that allow individuals to check arrest records and warrants. This can be a good place to start when trying to find out if someone has been arrested and may be in a Virginia jail. By searching the person’s first and last name as well as the county or city, they are able to see what is on the public file. While these tools may not be accurate down to the minute, they allow people to locate information about a loved one who may have been arrested. There are often online tools based on cities or locations. A search online will show the ones suited for your area that you can then use to locate who you are looking for.

Will a Local Law Enforcement Agency Help Me Find an Arrest Record?

Local law enforcement officers such as the sheriff or state police can help locate a person’s arrest record. Being able to locate information such as whether someone is in jail or if they have been arrested may be dependent on the crime at hand. There are several types of offenses, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. This would indicate which agency is handling the arrest and where that person would be jailed while awaiting sentencing.

Finding information based on the specific county or portion of the state may be best sought out from the law enforcement agencies. Individuals can contact them or search on their websites to find information about specific inmates or warrants. In Virginia, the information of crimes and criminal records are available through these agencies, such as the sheriff or state police. Some of these agencies accept requests for records through the phone, while others require a visit to their office or website.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Attorney for Help Today

If you cannot find a person’s arrest record or warrant on your own, it may be a good time to contact a criminal defense attorney. Criminal lawyers have experience working with local authorities and could help you locate the information you need. They could also help you decide how to move forward. Having an attorney handle a criminal case while someone you know has been arrested and jailed can be essential. Acting quickly could help ensure that their rights are being protected and they can begin to fight their case.

A Virginia criminal attorney could help you locate the person you were looking for and help you understand the case being made against them. Criminal lawyers who have experience in and out of the courtroom are extremely valuable because they could evaluate the situation and advise the defendant of their legal options. Call today to learn more about the nuances of finding out whether someone you know has been arrested and jailed in Virginia.

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