If I’m being investigated, should I hire an attorney immediately or should I wait until I’m charged?

Karin Riley Porter: As soon as you receive information that authorities might be looking into questioning you or asking questions of other people regarding events that you might be involved in. If you’re even concerned about that, it can only help you to seek the advice of an attorney. Once you get that representation, you can receive guidance and peace of mind along the way as to what you should do if and when the police either comes to contact you at your home or your work or by telephone or they start asking questions to your family or neighbors, questions about you or about any of the dealings that you might be involved with. It can only help you to seek the advice of counsel.

And furthermore, if you have counsel already and even if charges are coming regardless, then you already have your attorney lined up to help assist you in, you know, possibly self-surrendering  to the authorities so that you could get the best possible shot at getting bail so you could be released pending trial for one.

Also, that representation could include contact with the investigating officer, and the prosecutor’s office to try, to fend off charges altogether.  Or possibly negotiate reduced or limited charges. So, each case is different, but it can only benefit somebody to receive expert legal advice to alleviate concerns and often just to be prepared for the future developments that might happen in a case.

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