What is the next step once I hired you as my attorney?

Karin Riley Porter: Well, I mean presumably we have already gone through a pretty lengthy consultation so I have a sense of what the allegations are in the case. I’ll have a little bit of background information about you, what your goals are, what your possible defense might be.

So, I’ll then ask to set up another office appointment if it’s convenient for you or a phone consultations to talk about what things can be done now as far as recommendations: either for some sort of substance abuse treatment, or therapy might be a possibility, community service, possibly getting a leg up on that, payment of restitution, so it all depends on what the person is charged with.

Also, preparing for the trial itself, I’ll trying to get together any potential witness information that might be helpful, and any type of documents or photographs that might assist me preparing the case. So, all that really needs to start as soon as possible because the more time I have to prepare the better.

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