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Building a Fredericksburg Auto Theft Defense

Auto theft is a serious offense with serious penalties. Individuals who have been accused of auto theft should contact a defense attorney immediately. A hardworking auto theft lawyer could examine the evidence in the case, analyze testimonies, and determine an appropriate way to help you obtain an appropriate outcome. The sooner you speak to an attorney, the sooner they can begin building a Fredericksburg auto theft defense. Call today to learn more about your legal options.

Auto Theft Charges

Auto theft differs from other types of theft because the prosecution does not need to prove that the defendant intended to deprive the owner of the property permanently. The Commonwealth only has to prove that the person intended to deprive the owner of the property temporarily.

The charges of auto-theft are dependent on the value of the vehicle that is taken. If the vehicle costs less than $200, a person will be charged with a misdemeanor, however if it costs more than $200, a person will be charged with a felony.

The penalties for auto-theft range from up to one year in prison to up to five years in prison, depending on if an individual is convicted of a misdemeanor of felony.

Preparing a Defense

In building a Fredericksburg auto theft defense, an experienced auto theft lawyer might consider the following factors:

  • The defendant’s background and history
  • The nature of the complaint
  • Witness testimony
  • Audio or video evidence
  • The value of the vehicle

The attorney also will want to consider any mitigating or aggravating circumstances that may be involved in the allegations.

The Arraignment Process

In most Virginia jurisdictions, an arraignment is when a judge advises a defendant on their charges, asks them to enter a plea to the charges, and tells them that they have a right to an attorney. During this time, if an individual cannot afford an attorney the course will appoint one for them.

It generally advised that individuals hire a lawyer before their scheduled arraignment. The earlier a lawyer is hired, the earlier they can begin building a Fredericksburg auto theft defense. A qualified lawyer could coach an individual on the correct things to say before an arraignment, and in some cases, even have an arraignment waived.

Hiring a Fredericksburg Auto Theft Attorney

If you are facing auto theft charges, you should seek advice and consultation from an attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer could teach you about your rights from the beginning of the case. They could also guide you through the court proceedings and explain what is expected of you. Building a Fredericksburg auto theft defense can be complicated and fighting auto theft charges can be even more difficult. However, a distinguished and qualified lawyer who is familiar with the process and could help you navigate your case with much more ease.

Fredericksburg lawyers are here to provide you with the support you need throughout this overwhelming period. Speak to a lawyer today to learn more about the benefits that a defense attorney could provide.

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