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Even if you have never faced criminal accusations of any kind before, a single allegation of solicitation could dramatically alter the course of your personal and professional life. A conviction may lead to lengthy terms of probation, steep fines, and even possible jail time; and the damage this charge does to a defendant’s reputation out of court may cause problems for years to come.

Put simply, retaining a skilled defense attorney as quickly as possible should be your top priority if you are accused of, or arrested for, charges of solicitation or soliciting a prostitute. A knowledgeable Loudoun County solicitation lawyer could provide the custom-tailored guidance and support you need to secure the best possible case resolution.

Potential Consequences of a Solicitation Conviction

Virginia Code § 18.2-346.01 defines the criminal act of solicitation as offering someone else money, goods, services, or anything else of value in exchange for that person engaging in one of several types of sexual contact or intercourse with the payor. Importantly, the sexual act in question does not have to actually occur for criminal charges to move forward. Evidence that an attempt was made to solicit a prostitute is sufficient to secure a conviction under this section of state law.

If someone is convicted of soliciting an adult for sexual services, they may face penalties commensurate with a Class 1 misdemeanor, up to a maximum of $2,500 in fines and/or 12 consecutive months in county jail. However, anyone who solicits sexual services from a person between 16 and 18 years old has committed a Class 6 felony, the maximum sanctions for which include a five-year term in prison.

Likewise, solicitation of sexual services from someone under 16 years old is a Class 5 felony for which a convicted individual may be sentenced to a maximum 10-year prison term. Finally, VA Code § 18.2-374.3 specifically addresses the use of online communication to solicit sexual services from a minor, with equivalent penalties upon conviction based on the age of the minor in question. Support from a seasoned Loudoun County solicitation attorney can be especially important when defending against these serious crimes.

Contesting Solicitation Charges in Loudoun County

There are three core elements to every solicitation charge, all of which must be fulfilled for a court to convict someone of this offense:

1) An offer of money or something else valuable made by the defendant for sexual services.

2) Intent to engage in the solicited sexual act.

3) At least one act in furtherance of the proposed exchange.

Accordingly, many successful solicitation defenses involve showing that one or more of these components cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

In some cases, law enforcement officers intentionally set traps in the form of suggestive advertisements or statements with the intent of arresting anyone who attempts to solicit sexual services based on that information. If such a sting operation results in someone being coerced into an act of solicitation that they otherwise would not have committed, a solicitation lawyer in Loudoun County could potentially help fight ensuing criminal charges on grounds of entrapment.

Contact a Loudoun County Solicitation Attorney for Help

Solicitation is a serious criminal offense that courts in Virginia often prosecute harshly. Whether your particular charge is a felony or misdemeanor, proceeding with your case without representation could substantially increase your odds of facing criminal sanctions, not to mention serious personal and professional repercussions.

Working with a dedicated Loudoun County solicitation lawyer could make a tremendous difference in getting you to a positive result. Call today for a free consultation.

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