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Manassas Robbery Arrests

In Virginia, even small criminal cases are treated very seriously. Manassas robbery arrests, therefore, can carry serious consequences.  Despite the charges you might be facing and the events that led up to those charges, contacting an experienced criminal lawyer may be your best option.

Robbery Arrests

Manassas robbery arrests usually occur in scenarios where a street crime took place, such as a street robbery or a home invasion. If the police are alerted right away, they could respond to the scene and a person could be arrested on the spot. Often, the defendant is going to be charged on the spot and possibly taken into custody, depending on their criminal history.

There are more complex scenarios sometimes, where an investigation could be ongoing for a period of time, a direct indictment is put in front of a grand jury, and then the person could be arrested. In most cases, a defendant is charged, then arrested on the spot.

If someone is indicted for a robbery offense, they have to be served. It may take a bit of time until the indictment is processed and served.

Law Enforcement and Robbery

When considering Manassas robbery arrests, law enforcement may wait if the robbery is complicated and officers are attempting to determine if there are others involved. Police officers may want to wait to see who else is involved and how they can properly bring them in and charge them.

Law enforcement will conduct an investigation to see if the defendant can properly be charged. They try to see if there are any co-defendants and what kind of evidence they are able to gather to see if they are able to prove the case or downgrade the charge and charge them with something else.

The public should know that this is a very serious charge. Generally, someone who is facing these charges will be held in custody. They would be held until a bond motion could be heard or until arraignment comes around and a judge is able to hear the case. If they get convicted of it, they could be looking at loss of their liberty for a considerable amount of time, for at least five years. Also, there could be restitution to pay to the victim in the charge.

How a Manassas Robbery Lawyer Can Help

People have the best chance to surrender themselves in scenarios where they have already brought an attorney on the case. If that individual knows that they are being investigated, they have been contacted by law enforcement, and an investigation or exchange of information is occurring, there could be a possibility where the police would just ask the defendants to turn themselves in and to surrender.

Ideally, a person would want to do that with a trusted attorney by their side, which is another benefit of having an attorney or counsel on the case. They could negotiate an agreement where the that individual would turn themselves in, in exchange for a more lenient treatment. They should not  make any statements that would incriminate them and talk to an attorney first.

Manassas robbery arrests should be taken very seriously.  If you have been charged with robbery, or you are being investigated, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Manassas robbery attorney who can discuss your options with you.

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