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Manassas Robbery Arrest Process

Taking with the intent to steal personal property of another person, either from their person or in their presence, against their will by violence, force, or intimidation is defined as robbery. This crime is a felony offense, and the conviction could result in the loss of civil liberties and access to employment and housing opportunities.

With this in mind, the following Manassas robbery arrest process is what you can expect if you are taken into custody. A skilled robbery lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to building your defense.

Manassas Robbery Arrest Process

After a person is arrested, they are taken to the magistrate. The magistrate would quickly hear the facts of the case, hear the affidavit that the officer has made or the criminal complaint, and decide whether to hold that person in custody or to set them out on bail or on personal recognizance. There will also be a process where a person’s fingerprints are taken and kept.

Sometimes that process is done after the conviction, but it can also be done before. At some point, the defendant is given a piece of paper that tells them where to appear for their arraignment in front of a court. They are given this piece of paper that tells them where to go, what they are being charged with, and their arraignment date. This is a brief overview of the  the Manassas robbery arrest process.

Robbery Arrest Scenarios

Robbery is a crime of violence. Therefore, there is a presumption that the criminal or the defendant is a violent person and that they may try to hurt police officers when they are dealing with them. There is some level of apprehension. They may be a little bit rougher or a little bit more aggressive dealing with that individual, because they are worried about their safety and the safety of others. For that reason, it can lead to tense situations. The Manassas robbery arrest process depends on the scenario and what sort of robbery is occurring.

Circumstances of Arrest

Robbers can be treated like violent criminals depending on the circumstances and the situation surrounding the arrest and the charge. It could depend on the optics of the case and what was happening. For example, if it is a simple street robbery and weapons are not involved, the police may treat the individual less violently. They will be stern, but not as potentially violent. If there are injured victims on the scene and weapons were used, the police will be much more serious and the consequences will be very severe.

When Should Someone Contact an Attorney?

A person facing the Manassas robbery arrest process should contact an attorney as soon as possible. If they are arrested and held in custody, then their first opportunity to ask for a lawyer would be at arraignment if they need a court-appointed lawyer for financial reasons.

Also, family members would be responsible for seeking an experienced attorney to represent the individual. They should contact an attorney as soon as – even before – they know that they are being investigated. If a person was not arrested for robbery, then they should contact an attorney to represent them and give them advice on what to do and what to say during the pendency of the case.

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