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Prince William County Domestic Violence Arrests

Prince William County domestic violence arrests can lead to serious consequences that impact your life and the lives of your family members. If you are facing allegations of household violence, you should speak with a skilled defense attorney immediately. Legal counsel could protect your rights and build a case that minimizes any potential consequences you may be facing.

When is Local Law Enforcement Required to Make an Arrest?

Whenever Prince William County law enforcement believes they have probable cause that domestic violence has been committed, they are supposed to make an arrest. Police officers use their experience and training to determine if there is a fair probability under the circumstances that a crime has been committed. This is how they decide if they have probable cause to make an arrest.

In some situations, officers have the discretion whether to charge someone or not, as well as whether to arrest the person charged or merely let them go on a summons. However, when law enforcement suspects household abuse, state regulations require officers to make an arrest if they have probable cause to believe someone has committed this offense.

Unique Aspects of a Domestic Violence Charge

Because state law requires officers to make arrests in cases of domestic violence, these charges may be more likely to happen in Prince William County. Additionally, household violence charges may result in a 72-hour emergency protective order being put in place by a magistrate immediately following the arrest. Depending on the terms of the order and the length of time the arrest delays an accused’s release, Child Protective Services may also become involved with regards to the custody of any affected minors.

What Happens Following an Arrest?

In addition to being subject to an emergency protective order, an accused individual should expect for the opposing party to request extensions of the initial order’s duration. This means that a defendant may not contact the alleged victim for the duration of the investigation and case process.

If someone violates the terms of a protective order, they may be subject to additional charges. Someone accused of domestic violence should also be aware that they have to post money for a bond to be released from custody.

Refraining from Speaking with Police

When police are taking an accused individual’s statements, they may ask invasive, unclear, and suggestive questions. This blurs the line between an optional response and a required answer. The quantity and quality of their questions may become excessive, which may cause someone to make potentially incriminating statements that the police can later use as evidence against them.

As such, someone facing domestic violence allegations should consult with a lawyer before answering any questions from law enforcement. An attorney may be present during questioning and can protect someone from making statements that put them at risk.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Domestic Violence Arrests in Prince William County

Local law enforcement takes Prince William County domestic violence arrests extremely seriously, and the penalties can be severe. As a result, if you have been accused of household abuse, you should consult with an attorney. To schedule an initial case consultation, call today.

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