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The behaviors prohibited by drug laws in Prince William County are any interaction with a drug that is not prescribed or is not a legal substance. Possession, distribution, manufacturing, and anything that a person does not have a prescription for or that is otherwise an illegal substance is going to be illegal in Prince William County.

With this in mind, anyone facing a drug-related offense should consult with a Prince William County drug lawyer to ensure a strong defense is built on their behalf. An experienced defense attorney will be able to prepare those accused, for what they should expect and help to mitigate the damage of the offense as much as possible.

Drug Statutes

Illegal drugs in the state of Virginia are set forth in the statutes. They generally track the federal guidelines for illicit substances, but there are some variations. The substances are categorized in Schedules. For instance, Schedule I substances have no redeeming therapeutic value, like cocaine, crack cocaine, or heroin. Prescription drugs like oxycodone are commonly seen in drug offense cases, as well as marijuana. Possession of any amount of marijuana is illegal in Virginia and it is a separate category of drug, it is not in a specific Schedule.

The only exception in Prince William County that enables certain people to legally interact with these drugs is if a person has a prescription, in which case a drug attorney in Prince William will be able to use that as a defense.

Severity of Substance-Related Offenses

Drugs get more seriously treated and penalized as they go up in the Schedule chain. Schedule I drugs are going to be penalized much more harshly than lower-class substances like marijuana. For example, possession of cocaine is going to be penalized more harshly, while marijuana or pain killers are likely to be less harshly penalized.

These Schedules are determined by a group of physicians, law makers, and practitioners in the field and set by the government.

The government has decided that there is something about these drugs that makes them more dangerous and more addictive and therefore, they should be more harshly treated than substances that are lower on the Schedule chain. Schedule I drugs are going to be treated much more harshly because they are the most addictive with the least redeeming value up to Schedule VI drugs, which would be a prescription medication.

Medically Approved But Abused Drugs

Medically approved drugs that are abused are usually going to fall as Schedule VI, although can sometimes schedule five or schedule four. It depends on the type of drug and what schedule a person falls into. No matter what, they are going to be treated more harshly, and should consult with a drug attorney in Prince William County immediatly.

Working with a Prince William County Drug Attorney

A Prince William County drug attorney is going to be able to help a person from the beginning of their case to challenge the testing of substances, challenge all the points related to the stop, and challenge the initial arrest for the crime. Also, the attorney is going to be able to help provide the best defense, whether that includes a potential diversionary program, some kind of treatment program, or the charge amended from a felony to a misdemeanor drug possession or similar charge. The laws are complicated and the specific testing that needs to go into it for them to prove that the substance is what they say it is, is something that a person is going to need an attorney to help fight.

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