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Prince William County Drug Schedules and Classifications

Prince William County is subject to not only the laws of Virginia, but the laws of the United States, as well. Therefore, the drug schedules and classifications in Prince William County are defined similarly to the way that Virginia as a state defines them. An experienced drug lawyer can build a defense against drug charges of all sorts.

State vs Federal Charges

The Drug Control Act is the Virginia, and thus Prince William County, classification of the federal Controlled Substances Act. Possession of each type of schedule ranges from schedule one and two, which are the most serious, to schedule six, which are usually prescription medication and a misdemeanor offense. It is kind of a catch-all schedule, but depending on the range, it is going to be the indicator of how a drug is going to be classified.

The Virginia and federal laws might differ slightly as each tries to keep tabs on different modifications that individuals make to certain substances. Some of the more interesting chemical substances, commonly and colloquially known as bath salts, are related to LSD but are not necessarily LSD. The chemical makeup is constantly changing for that type of substance. Legally, to prohibit it, the government has to know the chemical makeup of it. They have to be extremely specific.

As that changes or other drugs that are specifically chemical and have different chemical makeups change, the laws in federal and state court are not going to be exactly the same as to what the substances are. Prince William County drug schedules and classifications are going to reflect the Virginia


What differentiates the drug schedules from one another are things like the different type of drugs or the different substances’ ability to cause addiction-like dependence, the side effects, and the utility in the medical community like whether or not it can be useful as any kind of prescription drug.

Strength or amount are also factors that could affect consequences. A schedule six drug is going to be the catch-all for things that are not necessarily outlawed, however, are prescribed medications.  It could be cough syrup that is prescribed to a person that is a little bit stronger than regular cough syrup. Schedule five could be similar. If there is codeine in a person’s cough syrup that will bump it up to a schedule five.

A schedule four drug is going to be a class four misdemeanor with a fine of $250. If it is schedule five, it is going to be a class three misdemeanor, which is more serious and has a $500 fine for possession. This will change if a person is distributing it, manufacturing it, or doing something else with it besides just possession.

Schedule four drugs are mostly drugs that alter a person’s central nervous system. Examples are any kind of tranquilizer, prescription pain killers, and certain steroids. Those are a class two misdemeanor. It could be six months in jail. It could be a $1,000 fine. It is going to depend on the circumstances.

Schedule three is going to be more serious and drugs like hydrocodone. There is a list of the exact drugs that are put into that schedule.

Associated Penalties

Each time schedules switch, that is when the penalties change. So schedule four is a class two misdemeanor, a $1,000 dollar fine and up to six months in jail, but schedule three is a class one misdemeanor, which is the most serious misdemeanor in the State of Virginia, and it could be up to 12 months in jail and up to a $2,500 fine.

Schedule one and two are serious drugs and are felonies. These are drugs that have no medical utility, are not prescribed, and are extremely addictive. Examples are heroin, meth, and ecstasy. These are going to be classified felonies and involve years in prison.

The jump between schedule one and two and the rest of the schedules is the jump between a felony and a misdemeanor and between prison time versus maybe nominal jail time in the state or local jail.

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