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Building a Stafford County Conspiracy Defense

When building a Stafford County conspiracy defense, there are a number of arguments that a Stafford County conspiracy attorney might employ. In every kind of case, experienced conspiracy attorneys can help challenge the government’s evidence. This is important because the prosecutors have to prove every element of their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Challenging  Evidence

In a conspiracy case, an attorney can challenge whether there was ever an agreement, they can challenge whether the accused had any criminal intent and whether there is any evidence of that, they can also challenge whether there was ever any substantial step or overt act that was taken by any of the alleged conspirators.

In addition to that, there is always the possibility of their having been some kind of improper conduct on the part of the police in terms of either a confession secured without a Miranda warning or a search that is illegal or an arrest that is illegal. If any of those things have occurred, it may allow the defendant to incorporate that into their defense.

Defense Side INvestigations

The defense investigation is going to begin with examining what the government knows or thinks they know. This is going to include interviewing officers, looking at police reports, gaining access to any documentary, physical, or forensic evidence. In addition to that, they often re-interview witnesses through a private investigator. They want to lay their hands on any other independent evidence which would shed the light on the case and the facts that the government will rely on in an effort to gain a conviction.

Reviewing the Government’s Case Against Conspiracy Charges

Building a Stafford County conspiracy defense may require looking into the government’s case to see whether they are convinced that each of the elements can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. The government cannot be relying on an admissible heresy. They cannot be relying on anyone’s hunch, there has to be clear evidence of each of the things that they must prove in order to make out the elements of the case. In addition to that, they are looking for any violations of the civil rights of the defendant which may lead to important government evidence being suppressed.

Common Defense Cases

There are a number of arguments which can be effective in building a Stafford County conspiracy defense. Looking at whether the government can actually meet its burden of proof as each of the things need to be proved in order to secure a conviction.

Proving that there was an agreement of some kind, proving that there was some substantial step taken towards the accomplishment of the object of the conspiracy, are never givens for the government. There is going to have to be good evidence of those and if there is not, then that can provide a good defense.

Benefit of an Attorney

An attorney is always looking for whether there have been any violations of the accused constitutional rights. If there was an illegal search, it is due to the possession of yielded incriminating evidence, or a confession is either coerced or secured without a Miranda warning first being given.

These are all things that can potentially cause important evidence to be suppressed. Building a Stafford County conspiracy defense that is strong enough for court may depend on the facts and circumstances of that case. Contact a skilled criminal attorney to prepare your case.

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