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Negotiating Robbery to Theft in Virginia

While receiving a charge for robbery can feel like an overwhelming situation, know that you do not have to face it alone. Under some circumstances, a skilled defense attorney experienced in negotiating robbery to theft in Virginia may be able to change your charge. This could potentially lower your penalties, depending on the facts of your case, and allow you to keep several freedoms following a conviction. Read on to learn more about what goes into negotiating robbery to theft in Virginia, as well as the ways a professional attorney could offer you their assistance today.

What Constitutes Robbery in Virginia?

Robbery is the act of taking somebody’s property with the use or threat of violence with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of that property. Robbery differs from theft in that it is an aggravated form of stealing because it has violence associated with it. The use of force or intimidation in the crime makes it more serious in the eyes of the law.

Circumstances That Could Allow Negotiation

Potentially negotiating robbery to theft in Virginia will depend on the defendant’s record, the defense attorney’s relationship with the prosecutor, the facts of the case, and whether or not additional charges were given. All of these circumstances can potentially be used to determine whether or not a lawyer can successfully negotiate the robbery charge down. Because these instances occur on a case by case basis, it is extremely important to have local counsel in Virginia.

Considering a Plea Deal

It is an attorney’s duty to always bring a plea deal to the defendant. If the accused individual has a reliable attorney that they trust and are able to speak with about the cost and benefits of their situation, that lawyer will be able to lay out all of the risks involved.  If it is a situation where taking a plea deal that will lessen the charge down to something that would have fewer or potentially no jail time, it is usually something that a defendant would need to consider.

Receiving a Theft Charge

If somebody is charged with theft instead of robbery, it is still important to hire a criminal lawyer. If the amount of money allegedly taken in the theft case was worth at least $200, the individual will be charged with grand larceny. There is also a separate felony offense which entails theft of property from someone valued at at least five dollars. Because this is a felony offense, one could still face prison time. Anytime someone is convicted of a felony, they could potentially face long-lasting effects of that sentence long into the future.

Working with an Experienced Criminal Attorney

Because robbery is such a serious charge, an accused individual needs a lawyer who is very aggressive, is not afraid to conduct separate investigations, and will be willing to push back against the Commonwealth’s evidence. Someone facing robbery charges needs an attorney who is able to do a thorough job presenting the evidence to use, can make an informed decision about whether or not a scheduled jury trial for the defendant’s case is needed, and what their potential options are. For this reason, it can be extremely valuable to have a lawyer experienced in negotiating robbery to theft in Virginia on your side.

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