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Loudoun County Criminal Lawyer

Assault, solicitation, drug distribution, DUI, and theft are just some of the crimes with which an individual may be charged in Loudoun County Virginia. From minor misdemeanors to serious felonies, criminal charges can have a lasting negative impact on the accused individual. The lawyers with our firm can help you fight to protect your rights and your future. Our attorneys have the experience to successfully defend against a full spectrum of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges. If you need a Loudoun County criminal attorney, contact us today.

Loudoun County Criminal Process: What do I do now?

A Loudoun County criminal defense attorney can help if you are facing criminal charges.There are myriad charges you could potentially be facing in Loudoun County, including:

Criminal charges are often the result of seemingly innocent statements made during a routine traffic stop or during police questioning prior to detainment or arrest. If authorities ask you about your involvement in any criminal activity, you have the right to refrain from making any statement–even prior to an arrest and being read your rights. We suggest that you politely decline to answer any questions or make any statements until you have consulted with a qualified Loudoun criminal attorney.

If you are charged with a crime, your lawyer will work with you to craft a plan for your successful defense. Most criminal cases are heard at the Loudoun General District Court, located at 18 East Market Street in Leesburg Virginia. Your lawyer will thoroughly analyze your case, gathering evidence to support your innocence and finding experts to testify in your defense. Our attorneys know the legal requirements of police and courtroom procedures and will aggressively fight for the reduction or dismissal of any charges against you. For further explanation of Maryland criminal laws, please visit this page.

Loudoun Criminal Attorney

The lawyers with Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law combine decades of experience to bring you sound legal advice and solid defense strategies. We offer a free case evaluation to individuals facing criminal charges. To get started building your defense, call (703) 278-2800 today. We also have specific page providing information about how a criminal attorney can help with charges in Leesburg.