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On July 1, 2021, Virginia entered the first stage of legalizing marijuana. Virginians 21 and over are allowed to own up to an ounce of marijuana and can freely use it in the privacy of their home. Additionally, adult sharing of cannabis is legal under certain standards. Two adults over.
The mysterious death of 25-year-old Baltimore man Freddie Gray has been partially illuminated when a copy of the autopsy report leaked to the media this week. Since April 12th, the facts of Gray’s arrest and subsequent death have been murky at best. It was known that he.
The online community was buzzing the other day about a story of a man who, according to the website DCist, was naked and doing push-ups in the middle of an Arlington street when he was stunned with a Taser gun and arrested by police. The Arlington.
There is no question that DNA evidence has helped a great many innocent people achieve exoneration of criminal charges, some of whom have spent decades languishing in prison. A fair number of people have also been arrested and convicted based on the compelling nature of DNA evidence, which brings us.
George Zimmerman, the Florida man who made national headlines when he gunned down an unarmed teen because the boy was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and, according to neighborhood watch volunteer, looked suspicious was back in the news last week for allegedly threatening to shoot a man. The alleged victim in.
Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring recently detailed a series of initiatives to combat a rise in fatal overdoses of heroin and prescription opiates. Herring broadcast his five-part action plan on Sept 8, at an annual conference of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police in Roanoke. According to the Virginia.
For how many years did you work as a prosecutor in Virginia and what experiences did you have prior to that? Karin Riley Porter: I was a prosecutor for over nine years and that was in the City of Alexandria, Virginia. Prior to that, I was a law clerk for a.
What does it mean to be charged with reckless driving in Virginia? Karin Riley Porter: There are many ways in which somebody could be charged with the crime of reckless driving because there are many separate statutes that constitute a general charge of reckless driving. For instance, you could be.
Two people have been arrested in connection with a shooting at a Prince William County fast food restaurant, and authorities are alleging that the incident may have stemmed from a drug deal gone bad. Police announced Tuesday the arrests of DeWayne Williams, 28, and Jamie Lea Bowyer, 31. The pair, which authorities.
A federal judge has extended a moratorium on executions in Ohio as recent changes in the state’s lethal injection procedures are examined, according to the Associated Press. Judge Gregory Frost issued a one-page ruling on Aug. 8, extending a temporary freeze that was originally put in place following the bungled execution.
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