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If you or someone close to you has been charged with a crime in Reston, Virginia, then reaching out to an experienced Reston criminal lawyer should be the first thing you do.

A Reston criminal defense attorney with knowledge of how the legal system works can lead you through your upcoming legal process with clarity, communication, and confidence. These qualities are often key to getting a client the representation he or she needs, making sure progress is made towards finding a real, lasting solution that involves keeping his or her criminal record clean.

Having a criminal record affects more than your “permanent record.” It also affects what goes on in your life—from getting into a top university to landing a desired job and even having low insurance rates. That is why the Reston criminal lawyers at our firm do their best to help get the charges against their clients reduced or even dropped. Contact a Virginia criminal lawyer today to conduct your free initial consultation.

Criminal Charges in Reston

Reston, Virginia is a place well known for being a part of Fairfax County. Although Fairfax County has a variety of courts, the General District Court has jurisdiction over civil, criminal and traffic matters.

The criminal attorneys at our firm are familiar with Virginia law and local courts in Virginia such as Reston. They can defend against a variety of charges that include but are in no way limited to the following:

No matter what charges are involved, you can call our legal team today to schedule a consultation with a Reston criminal lawyer at our firm.

Roles of a Reston Criminal Lawyer

Hiring a Reston criminal lawyer is a good idea for a number of reasons—from having someone who is experienced to having someone who can serve as your advisor to having someone who can serve as your advocate on your side.

Planning an Aggressive Defense

An experienced attorney knows how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each case they handle for a client. He or she also knows what to expect and how to get to the outcome that works in his or her client’s favor.

Acting as an Advisor

In addition, an attorney serves as his or her client’s advisor, offering a client the information and insight he or she needs to understand what is happening every step of the way and sometimes even after a case has come to a close.

Active Advocacy

An attorney also serves as his or her client’s advocate and speaks out on behalf of his or her client in court.she can prepare your case, creating a defense strategy with your specific situation in mind. He or she can also present your case, telling your story to judges and the prosecution in order to have any charges against you reduced or dropped.

Call a Reston Criminal Lawyer With Our Firm Today

The sooner you are able to get in contact with our Northern Virginia law offices, the sooner you can conduct your free initial consultation and give our Reston criminal lawyers a sense of the charges you’re facing. Call now to get started on your case.

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