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If you have been charged with a crime in Spotsylvania, Virginia, you probably feel frightened, confused, and alone. You know that the journey ahead of you may be difficult as you try to defend yourself against your accusers, and that the outcome of your battle may seriously affect your family’s future. With your finances and freedom at stake, you need an ally to help you in your fight.

A Spotsylvania criminal lawyer with our firm can bring legal prowess to your case that is necessary to protect you from unjust treatment in the courts. En Español.

Why Retain a Spotsylvania Criminal Attorney

We have the experience with the local courts to understand how the prosecution will attack, and to know how to defend against the charges. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, your attorney will thoroughly evaluate your case from the investigation through the end of your ordeal.

Such dedicated analysis will help your lawyer create a winning strategy for your case. Some of the more common defenses strategies our attorneys could employ are:

  • Question the validity of the prosecution’s evidence
  • Accumulate evidence to support your innocence
  • Present expert testimony in your defense
  • Highlight improper procedures that may have made evidence inadmissible or the investigation and arrest illegal

Cases that Spotsylvania Criminal Lawyers Handle

Our attorneys defend individuals charged with criminal acts in Spotsylvania, Virginia and surrounding cities in Spotsylvania County. Criminal cases are generally heard at the Spotsylvania General District Court, located at 9111 Courthouse Road in Spotsylvania, Virginia. Our lawyers represent their clients in a variety of different criminal cases, including:

Please contact us today or visit this page for more information on our Spotsylvania reckless driving lawyers. Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law and her legal team have experience successfully handling criminal cases involving many different kinds of charges. Contact her office today to schedule a free consultation.

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