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Spotsylvania County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A person can be charged with speeding even if they are only going five miles over the speed limit. The standard speed limits in Spotsylvania really depend on where a person is driving. Spotsylvania is separated into basically the portion of people that are pulled over for speeding or reckless driving on Interstate 95, and then everywhere else. Generally, the speed limits range between 25 mph and 50 mph or 55 mph. However, on I-95 the speed limit is 75 mph or 65 mph, depending on where a person is.

If you are facing speeding charges, it is critical that you speak with a Spotsylvania speeding ticket lawyer. They can help you build a strong defense and determine the best course of action. There are a variety of factors that go into building a defense. A local criminal defense attorney has the resources to provide sound legal counsel.

Common Locations for Speeding

Most people are caught speeding either on Interstate 95 as they are going to town and they are just going way too fast, or because they have been traveling for a long time and they are coming from out of town. Or they are just passing through or they are driving along the back-roads and they do not realize, they are driving in a 25 mph zone because of all the curves, and so then they are usually driving a little bit faster than the speed limit.

Types of Speeding Offenses

The different types of speeding offenses could be things like straight speeding, which is simply driving any speed over the speed limit. It could be something like reckless driving, which occurs when a person is driving 20 miles or more over the speed limit, or anything over 80 mph. Another speeding offense occurs when a driver is speeding to elude police. Some other speeding offense types that a person sometimes sees down there is when an officer turns on their lights and he or she does not pull over right away. That is something that they charge a person within Spotsylvania pretty frequently and can be addressed with the assistance of a Spotsylvania speeding ticket lawyer.

Prevalence of Charges

Speeding-related charges are very prevalent in Spotsylvania; most common is probably the reckless driving charge. Speeding charges are usually prepaid, because most people are from out-of-town, and they cannot be bothered to come back and fight their charge, therefore they prepay it. However, reckless driving charges are the ones that we see most often because people need to fight them.

Construction Zones

An individual should always strictly abide by traffic laws, but if a person is in a construction zone, an active construction zone or a person is in an active school zone, their fines can be doubled. Speeding offenses are treated much more seriously if a person is in a school zone, or if there is somebody else is on the road, or nearby, and then he or she poses a risk of hitting them. Certainly, if a person is speeding by a school bus that is executing some kind of traffic stop letting the kids on and off, then they are going to need to exercise much more caution because the penalties are going to be much more severe.

Instruments Used to Record Speeding

The officer’s testimony is going to be the most significant piece of evidence used to prove that a person was speeding. Sometimes the officers have video, however, most often they do not. Therefore, the officer’s testimony is going to be very persuasive to the judge, and so the officer will be sworn under oath. The officer will describe the person’s vehicle, and how fast the person was going.

Contesting Evidence

Contesting an officer’s claim is exceedingly hard for a person to accomplish on their own because it forces a person to testify. Even though a person has the ability to ask an officer questions pertaining to their ticket, people often struggle because, in addition to questioning an officer, they are also testifying.

Therefore, it is substantially easier for an officer to prove a person was speeding through testimony, as a layman’s opinion regarding their alleged speed is simply not going to hold as much credibility as compared to the officer’s. However, if a person gets a Spotsylvania speeding ticket attorney, then they are not testifying, and they can allow their attorney to cross-examine the officer and ask them questions.

Attaining a Spotsylvania Speeding Ticket Lawyer

When someone is charged with speeding, they need to consult a seasoned Spotsylvania speeding ticket lawyer. During the cross-examination, an attorney will ask an officer questions about what their training and experience, what exactly their training is, how they do visual estimates, what they did with their radar exactly, where they were pointing it, did they do it before and after their shift, and ask them various questions that can be used to discredit the speed that the officer accused him or her of going then he or she might have a chance to win at trial.

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