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If you have been charged with a crime in Northern Virginia, it’s important to take action and keep in mind that you have legal options for defense. Call a Chantilly criminal lawyer with our law firm today for help.

The right legal strategy when accused of a crime can help you to avoid penalties altogether or limit the consequences that you could face. Developing a strategy requires an understanding of the criminal code, available defenses, and court rules. A Chantilly criminal lawyer provides invaluable assistance to clients accused of all types of offenses. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, call a lawyer in Virginia who will help you at every step of your case.

How Can A Criminal Lawyer in Chantilly Help You?

Chantilly defendants are entitled to all of the protections built into the criminal justice process. This means you are protected by the U.S. Constitution from self-incrimination, illegal searches, and conviction without due process. Most criminal offenses are state crimes, and the VA criminal code outlines exactly what a prosecutor must prove in order for you to be found guilty of a particular crime.

Unless a prosecutor can successfully meet the burden of proving every element of the criminal act beyond a reasonable doubt, you should be found not guilty and allowed to go free with no penalties or criminal record.

The job of a Chantilly criminal lawyer is to try to protect your rights and maximize the chances that you will get the best outcome possible as your case moves through the criminal justice system.

In some situations, your attorney can get your charges dropped before you even get to the courtroom. In other cases, defending yourself is a risky proposition and your lawyer can help to negotiate a plea deal that results in a reduced charge or a penalty that is less than you would otherwise have faced.  Of course, an attorney can also provide assistance making arguments in a courtroom if you opt to plead not guilty. Your lawyer has the knowledge and legal background to help present strong arguments to a jury.

Deciding which response to charges is likely to be best for your particular case can be complicated, so it is a good idea to have an attorney early in the process so you can begin making informed choices from day one.

Criminal Laws in Chantilly, VA

There are many different criminal offenses that you could be charged with in Virginia. Crimes range from more minor charges, like misdemeanor reckless driving (under Virginia Code Section 46.2-852) to charges with very serious penalties, like felony rape (under Code Section 18.2-61). Other common charges include:

When you have been charged, you will be informed of the offenses you are accused of committing. Your attorney can explain possible penalties, options for defenses, and required elements of each crime that the prosecutor must prove.

Knowing the law is a big part of building a successful defense to criminal charges, and a criminal defense lawyer who practices in the Chantilly area will be very familiar with how the criminal code applies to your case.

Getting Help From A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chantilly

You can begin taking steps to try to avoid conviction as soon as you are arrested. Call a Chantilly criminal lawyer today to get an advocate on your side who is ready to help you to respond to accusations and fight to escape the criminal justice system as quickly and effectively as possible.

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