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Facing a criminal charge is never easy, and it poses a risk to your liberty, finances, employability, student opportunities, and security clearance. This is particularly true with felonies, although certain misdemeanors are also punishable with jail time. You do not need to face criminal charges and accompanying investigation alone.

Mecklenburg criminal lawyers with Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law are experienced advocates who have successfully handled numerous criminal cases in the past. You owe it to yourself to contact a defense attorney today to schedule a free case analysis.

Criminal Charges in Mecklenburg County

The Mecklenburg County court system can be confusing and complex to anyone who is new to it. If you would like assistance fighting a criminal charge, you should consider contacting a qualified Mecklenburg criminal lawyer to help establish a solid defense for your case.

There are many different criminal charges including assault, theft, DUI, reckless driving, homicide, carrying a pistol without a license, and drug possession and distribution. Penalties for these charges vary depending on the severity of the crime and defendant’s criminal history.

The most common forms of court ordered criminal penalties include fines, jail sentences, alcohol and drug treatment programs, and community service. Criminal convictions can affect a person’s life in other ways as well, as a person with a criminal record often faces increased insurance premiums and the loss of a driver’s license.

Child custody and employment status may also be impacted. Immigration status may also be affected. For more information on the issues surrounding your immigration status, visit April Cockerham’s immigration law website here.

In order to convict a person of a crime, the Virginia prosecutor assigned to the case must obtain a substantial amount of evidence. This evidence comes from the criminal investigation conducted by the Mecklenburg County law enforcement officials. The County police begin their investigation the moment a suspect is stopped and questioned. Before you make any statements to Mecklenburg County law enforcement, you should first exercise your right to a lawyer who will help you protect your privacy and your freedom.

Mecklenburg County Courthouses


Mecklenburg County District Court is located at 911 Madison Street in Boydton, Virginia. Due to Mecklenburg County’s rural location in Southern Virginia, the area doesn’t provide public transportation to the court. However, there is a large parking lot at the courthouse. At the Mecklenburg County District Court, cell phones, cameras, and personal electronic equipment are not permitted. Unfortunately due to the rural location of the Mecklenburg County District Courthouse, there are no dining options in the area.

Mecklenburg County General District Court

911 Madison Street
P. O. Box 306
Boydton, VA 23917-0306
Phone: (434) 738-6260


·       Hon. Charles H. Warren, Presiding Judge

·       Hon. Robert G. Woodson Jr., Chief Judge

·       Hon. J. William Watson Jr.

Ms Tammy Tollerson Taylor
Hours: 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Mecklenburg County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

The Mecklenburg County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court is located in the same building as the District Court. While public transportation is not located near the courthouse, there is plenty of free parking around the building. At the Mecklenburg County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, cell phones, cameras, and personal electronic devices are not permitted and must be stored in a courthouse locker before entering. Dining options throughout the area are extremely limited.

Mecklenburg County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
P. O. Box 340
911 Madison Street
Boydton, VA 23917-0340
Phone: (434) 738-6191 ext. 4325


·       Hon. Michael M. Rand, Presiding Judge, Chief Judge

·       Hon. Marvin H. Dunkum

·       Hon. S. Anderson Nelson

Ms Rebecca D. Inge
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
email: [email protected]


The Mecklenburg County Circuit Court’s address is 1294 Jefferson Street in Boydton, Virginia. At the Mecklenburg County Circuit Courthouse, there is an ample amount of parking due to the lack of public transportation to the area. According to courthouse policy, cell phones, cameras, and electronic devices are not permitted in court. Mecklenburg County Circuit Court terms are as follows: January through November, it begins on the third Monday of the month. In December, the term begins on the second Monday. Court convenes at 9:30AM.

Mecklenburg County Circuit Court
1294 Jefferson Street
P. O. Box 530
Boydton, VA 23917-0530
Phone: (434) 738-6191 Ext. 4222


·       Hon. Leslie M. Osborn, Presiding Judge

·       Hon. Richard S. Blanton, Chief Judge

·       Hon. Joel C. Cunningham

Hon. E. E. Coleman Jr.
Hours: 8:30AM – 5PM
email: [email protected]

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