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Getting pulled over in Mecklenburg County can be a distressing experience. When you drive away afterward with a traffic citation, the situation may feel critical.

Traffic citations sometimes go hand in hand with hefty fines or loss of liberty. Thus, it might be a smart decision to hire a seasoned criminal lawyer. Making this decision might give you a better chance of avoiding jail time or even a large monetary consequence.

Facing traffic court and its potential penalties can be a serious matter. It could be beneficial to confer with a Mecklenburg County traffic lawyer about your options for attaining a positive result.

Serious Traffic Infractions

The Virginia Crime Code lists many kinds of serious driving offenses, including reckless driving. If one is convicted of this infraction, it might result in fines or possibly jail time.

Traffic infractions that violate the VCC can put a motorist in jail for six months to a year. A seasoned traffic lawyer in Mecklenburg County may be able to help those who are facing these criminal driving charges.

Driving Improperly

The police may deliver a citation to a driver if they believe they were driving improperly, which violates. Although improper driving may not seem like a real offense because the term is a bit ambiguous, a conviction for this infraction could lead to a large fine.

A Mecklenburg County traffic attorney may be able to argue successfully on behalf of drivers who are cited for this VCC violation.

Texting While Driving Recklessly

Texting while driving is listed as a traffic infraction in VA Code § 46.2-1078.1. As of July 2013, a motorist might also be charged with reckless driving committed while texting. This infraction can result in a more severe consequence such as time in jail.

For those Mecklenburg County residents who have been cited for this more serious infraction, it might beneficial to hire a traffic attorney who has had experience with this newer type of criminal traffic charge.

Driving While Intoxicated and Without a License

If a Mecklenburg County resident loses their license after a DWI and then drives drunk anyway, they could be in major trouble if pulled over. According to VA Code §46.2-490.9, a person who operates a vehicle without a valid license and while drunk may lose their liberty for a period of up to one year.

Facing such a charge without a lawyer as an advocate could lead to an excessive sentence or a wrongful conviction. Although a person might want to save money by representing themselves, this bold choice can sometimes backfire.

Talk to a Mecklenburg County Traffic Attorney Today

If you have been issued a citation for a traffic offense, you probably should not treat it lightly. Some infractions carry heavy fines or even jail time. Getting pulled over and cited for a serious offense likely deserves some somber consideration and hiring of professional help within the area of traffic law.

Local drivers who are in jeopardy with the law might consider calling a Mecklenburg County traffic lawyer. Choosing to rely on an experienced attorney, rather than taking your chances by representing yourself, may be an intelligent decision. Contact local legal counsel today, so you can put the traffic citation behind you.

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