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The standard speed limits in Mecklenburg County are 55, 60, and 70 miles per hour. The speed limits of 55 and 60 are on Highway 58, and 70 miles per hour on the interstates. There are towns where those speed limits vary, including along the highways when one is adjacent to the town. The most common locations where people are caught speeding are Highway 58 and Interstate 85.

Speeding charges are quite prevalent in Mecklenburg County. Speeding tickets make up the bulk of traffic offenses, though other traffic offenses such as DUI and reckless driving are also common.

Commonly, people will not be pulled over for only going five miles per hour over the speed limit, but that does not mean that they cannot be. An individual could be charged with a speeding ticket even though they were barely exceeding the speed limit.

If you have received a speeding ticket, you may want to obtain an experienced traffic attorney. A Mecklenburg County speeding ticket lawyer could advocate for you and help you get your charges mitigated or dropped.

What to Expect From a Speeding Ticket

Most speeding tickets are issued in Mecklenburg County after a traffic stop by a law enforcement officer. They are issued on a Virginia uniform summons for which the driver will get a yellow carbon copy of the ticket.

When they get a speeding ticket, drivers should expect that they will be given a court date and information regarding the address of the court and the contact information for the clerk of court. They need to make sure that they look carefully at the ticket because they might be charged with reckless driving.

Reckless driving is commonly charged in the context of speed only and, in Virginia, they only need to be traveling over 80 miles per hour to get a reckless driving ticket. If they have any questions at all about what they have been charged with when they get the ticket, they should contact a Mecklenburg County speeding ticket attorney, and the lawyer can give them all the information and all of their options.

Showing up to Court for a Speeding Ticket

If a driver has been given a court date, they need to plan to show up for that speeding ticket unless they have otherwise been excused or they hire an attorney to appear on their behalf. Alternatively, they can pay the ticket as long as they pay it before their court date, but that is not advised because they will almost certainly get more favorable results if they hire an attorney than if they just pay for what they have been charged with.

Speeding Ticket Penalties

The speeding ticket penalties that a person could face depend on the speed that they are alleged to have traveled. Those penalties include expensive fines, the possibility of an increase in insurance rates, and a criminal misdemeanor conviction if their speed was sufficient to warrant a reckless driving charge. They could get demerit points on their license in Virginia or even if they are an out-of-state driver. A person facing penalties should consult with a speeding ticket lawyer in Mecklenburg County as soon as possible.

Zoning of the Road Can Determine the Seriousness of a Charge

The zoning of the road can have very specific consequences including if an individual is traveling through a school zone. For instance, in Mecklenburg County, there is a school zone right on Highway 58, where the speed limit drops from 55 to 35 when the school zone is active. Traveling through the school zone at a higher rate of speed than is allowed could yield a much more serious charge. The same is true for construction zones, especially when workers are present.

A Mecklenburg County Speeding Ticket Attorney Could Help

A Mecklenburg speeding ticket lawyer could help by defending against the worst consequences that an individual might face for a speeding ticket. An attorney could help the person get a much fairer outcome, sometimes even avoiding points on their license. A seasoned lawyer is going to be familiar with the Mecklenburg courthouse procedures, prosecutors, and judges. If you have received a speeding ticket, call today to learn about how an attorney could help you.

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