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If you are facing criminal charges in Northern Virginia, a Herndon criminal lawyer can assist you as they maneuver their way around the criminal justice system. Many times those charged are so overwhelmed that they may not be able to determine the proper steps in effectively creating a defense. When this occurs, the guidance that a criminal attorney can provide can be extremely important.

Criminal Charges in Herndon

Our criminal defense attorneys in Herndon understand how each and every case must be carefully tailored to fit the charges against the person, the evidence against the person, and the opportunities that exist to refute the charges. Our legal team is available to speak with you to determine an effective way to handle your criminal matter.

There are many crimes that a person can be charged with in Herndon. Some of these crimes include:

When a person is charged with these crimes they should do everything legally within their power to ensure that the most effective evidence is compiled and the most thorough defense strategy is prepared. By working with an experienced Herndon defense attorney with the investigative resources of a large criminal defense firm at his or her disposal, you may be able to give yourself an added edge when it comes to conducting a thorough investigation.

Local Law Enforcement

The town of Herndon has its own police force; therefore, the town driving violations are enforced very strictly. Herndon law enforcement officers police speed limit zones, specifically the common 25 mile per hour zones, stop sign violations, pedestrian crossing violations, traffic light violations and violations where the town roads intersect with the Washington and Old Dominion Trail, also known as the W&OD Trail.

In addition to Herndon’s own police force, it also has the Loudon County police officers and Virginia state police who work within the town. This influx of law enforcement officers can affect the number of people being charged with crimes, especially those involving some type of driving offense. Talk to a criminal lawyer in Herndon for more information about how law enforcement affects criminal charges in the area.

Effects of Criminal Charges on Employment

Herndon is part of the Dulles Technology Corridor, which is also known as the Silicon Valley of the East. Companies including Verizon Business, AOL, and XO Communications all have offices in Herndon. These major companies require that their employees hold themselves to a higher standard.

For many, this standard requires that their employees do not have a criminal conviction record. As such, criminal charges can be extremely intimidating for people whose jobs depend on the outcome of the case. In these circumstances, a Herndon criminal lawyer can be an invaluable asset—helping clients to formulate a proactive defense strategy in order to maintain their clean record.

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A criminal charge can be a terrifying hurtle that a person must overcome. When that charge is addressed effectively, this can help minimize the impact that a charge can have on a person’s future. Our Herndon criminal attorneys have helped prepare defense strategies for numerous clients who are facing charges in NOVA; call us today.

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