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Many may not be aware that Virginia traffic laws, especially those that relate to reckless driving, are among the strictest in the country. A reckless driving lawyer may be needed in Virginia because driving offenses which are viewed as minor traffic infractions in some states are treated quite severely in Virginia.

For instance, reckless driving is a criminal offense whose consequences are similar to those associated with a battery and assault charge or marijuana possession charge.

A Class 1 misdemeanor charge for a traffic infraction deserves the same level of proactive decision making as any other criminal charge. Speak to an experienced Herndon criminal attorney today to learn more about reckless driving charges.

Reckless Driving Enforcement in Herndon

It is quite common for the Town of Herndon to enforce reckless driving charges. For the most part, the Town of Herndon strictly enforces driving laws in a majority of the 25 mile per hour business and residential speed limits. A 25 mile per hour zone means that the driver needs only drive 45 miles per hour to be charged with reckless driving.

In addition to the multitude of 25 mile per hour zones, Herndon also has a miniature beltway that runs around the circumference of the town. This is known as Herndon Parkway. In various locations the Herndon Parkway is a divided highway, and in most places it is a four-lane divided highway.

However, due to the residential nature of the Parkway it is still a 35 or 40 mile per hour speed limit zone in most areas. Speed enforcement is quite common on the Herndon Parkway and drivers should be aware of this when they travel in the town of Herndon.

In addition, Route 228 through the town of Herndon has a significantly slower speed limit through the town of Herndon, and when it exits the town it becomes known as either Centreville Road or Baron Cameron Avenue, depending on the direction in which you travel.

What to Expect

Due to the specific congested nature of the Herndon streets, it is common for drivers to be charged with reckless driving by being involved in an accident, failing to yield to the right of way, or illegally passing or other dangerous maneuvers. These reckless driving charges are not heard at the Fairfax County General District Court located on Chain Bridge Road, but at the Town of Herndon Courthouse which is located in the historic downtown area.

On the online case management system for Fairfax County, Herndon cases will show an “HT” as courtroom assignment. The Town of Herndon is unique in that the courtroom is the same space used for local town meetings, including local councils and school board meetings.

Role of a Herndon Reckless Driving Lawyer

Whether or not you are charged with a reckless driving offense is determined by law enforcement. This discretion means that you can all of a sudden be charged even though they committed a minor moving violation.

Thus, if you have been charged, a Herndon reckless driving lawyer can work with you to analyze your case and prepare a defense. You should not hesitate to contact our Herndon reckless driving lawyers today for your free initial consultation.

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