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Being arrested for any crime can be scary. It helps to know that someone is in your corner, fighting for your best interests and protecting your rights every step of the way. When you need a Vienna criminal lawyer, we are here to advocate for you. Call and schedule a consultation to discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney in Virginia.

Consulting a Criminal Lawyer in Vienna

During a criminal investigation or after an arrest, it is important to secure legal counsel as quickly as possible. A Vienna criminal lawyer can advise you about the appropriate actions to take in order to protect yourself during investigation.

Early in the justice process, a defense lawyer can help negotiate a reduced bail to get you out of jail. A criminal lawyer in Vienna can speak to police or investigators on your behalf to allow you to preserve your right to remain silent. This prevents the manipulation of your words to be used against you.

A Vienna criminal defense attorney has the responsibility of working in the best interests of the client, whether that means working toward a dismissal of criminal charges, negotiating reduced charges or favorable sentencing as part of a plea agreement, or zealously defending the client at trial, working to prove innocence and achieve an acquittal of the charges.

During a free consultation with a criminal attorney in Vienna, you can begin to explore the options for your defense and learn more about how your lawyer can work for you.

Criminal Charges in Vienna

In Virginia, as in most states, crimes are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. A misdemeanor is considered to be a lesser offense than a felony, but neither type of criminal charge should be taken lightly.

Our Vienna criminal lawyers understand that the consequences our clients are facing if convicted of a crime are a serious matter, regardless of the potential sentence associated with conviction. We handle each case with care and diligence, working toward a positive resolution.

It can be intimidating to be charged with a crime. Most people are concerned about the impact of a criminal charge on their reputations, the possibility of conviction, the potential for jail or prison time, and the lingering effects a criminal record may have on their personal and professional opportunities. But you are not alone.

When you choose a Vienna criminal lawyer to represent you, find an attorney who is willing to go to bat for you, to prepare you for the legal journey you face, and to be your advocate and counsel throughout the process.

Vienna Criminal Attorneys: Help When You Need It

To speak with a criminal attorney in Vienna, Virginia, call our NOVA law offices to schedule your free, confidential consultation. There is no risk involved in meeting with a Vienna criminal lawyer, and during your free consultation, you can begin to understand what to expect from your lawyer and from the process ahead. Call today to find out how we can advocate for you.

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