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In the Commonwealth of Virginia, criminal cases are vigorously pursued. Incidents that seem like insignificant events, such as pushing a significant other during an argument, throwing something at someone, or failing to register a vehicle, can quickly become larger issues. On the other hand, people understand that if they are found to have drugs in their possession or are caught drinking and driving, serious consequences are a possibility.

Regardless of what charges you are facing and the events that led up to those charges, you should contact a Manassas criminal defense & DUI lawyer with Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law today. A dedicated and seasoned attorney could help to assess your circumstances, explain your rights, and guide you through the ensuing legal process. En Espanol

Penalties for Criminal Charges in Manassas

You may think that pleading guilty or no contest to the charges you face is the best way to proceed, especially if you face what you think is a minor misdemeanor. Some people erroneously believe it will be a relief to have the matter over and done with.

However, it is important to speak with a well-versed criminal defense and DUI attorney in Manassas before making any decisions on how to proceed. Class 1 misdemeanors, like reckless driving, are punishable by up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500.

Even in cases where jail time has been taken off the table, pleading guilty will result in a criminal record that can have a powerful negative impact on your employability, education opportunities, and even one’s ability to take out loans.

Cases Handled by Criminal Attorneys in Manassas

A Manassas criminal defense and DUI lawyer with Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law will have experience from successfully handling numerous cases and various criminal charges, including:

DUI Charges

DUI charges are serious and can result in the loss of your driver’s license, fines, and even incarceration. Therefore, if you are pulled over and charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is important to speak with a qualified Manassas DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

Prosecutors aggressively pursue individuals charged with drunk driving in court in order to impose stringent penalties that can help to protect the citizens in their jurisdiction. This means anyone charged needs a legal professional who will defend them case with the same level of vigor, whether it be during a trial or with filing a motion to dismiss—depending on the circumstances. Someone with experience and knowledge can guide you through exactly what you need to do, including providing useful information on securing your bail by posting bond.

Experience is essential to protecting your rights, and our lawyers have what it takes to effectively challenge the prosecution and help you emerge from your case with the best possible result under the circumstances. When facing a DUI charge, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Manassas as soon as possible may save you from attending an initial court appearance with a judge.

By invoking and actively pursuing your right to legal counsel, you can begin taking the first steps to a brighter future in spite of whatever specific charges you may have received.

Understanding DUI Stops

If you are pulled over for a DUI, do not speak to law enforcement, other than to tell them what is legally required—your name and address. However, do not engage in conversation with the law enforcement officer.

Do not admit guilt or expound on your situation. Do not state how much you drank, where you came from, how long you have been drinking or provide any other information. Law enforcement will ask leading questions, which you should avoid.

Instead, tell the law enforcement officer that you want to speak to a DUI attorney immediately. At this point, law enforcement is restrained by law to further discuss your situation with you.

How an Attorney Might Help with A DUI Offense

A charge for driving under the influence requires a planned and polished defense. Our Manassas DUI and criminal defense attorneys can work to devise a plan and help you pursue the best outcome possible relative to your circumstances. Through years of experience defending clients—as well as the full investigative resources a private criminal defense firm has— our lawyers have what it takes. Our experience and knowledge allows us to think of creative ways to argue against a DUI, like using rising blood alcohol levels or errors while conducting breath tests as a defense. 

A case can often be complex and confusing, especially if handled alone. Therefore, speaking to a legal professional who can provide advice on how to proceed is a good first step in dealing with a charge. The sooner someone gets in touch with a legal professional, the sooner they will have information on what the booking process will be like and what they should expect once they are taken to jail for the night. 

The achievements of our team include numerous cases dismissed, charges reduced, and fines lowered or dropped. Since every case has its unique characteristics, you should call a compassionate legal professional and conduct your free initial consultation to learn more about how we can help you specifically.

Considerations Before Pleading

To learn the effect of a plea on your criminal case, it could be beneficial to consult a qualified attorney. The following is some basic information, but cannot substitute the merits of legal advice.

Entering a not guilty plea can set your case on track for a trial. Essentially, entering a plea of guilty or no contest means a judge will find you guilty and sentence you. This punishment can range from a fine to a prison sentence. If you currently have a government security clearance or are trying to become a citizen of the United States, entering a guilty plea in a criminal case can cause serious problems in your professional and personal areas of life.

Benefits of a Manassas Criminal Defense Attorney

We will advise you on the best way to approach your legal situation. Should you decide to hire a Manassas criminal defense and DUI lawyer with Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law, we will represent you in court and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

Our attorneys are both professional and experienced. One of our attorneys will work with you to build a solid defense strategy, keep in constant contact with you so you are always informed, and will work tirelessly to protect your rights. If you have a charge that occurred in Manassas, please call for a free consultation with an attorney to review the facts of your case.

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