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Having your name deleted from police or court records can be a relief. If you were charged with a crime but never convicted, a records expungement might keep employers from knowing that the gruesome ordeal ever happened.

Mistakes made in youth often follow you into adulthood. However, the destruction of juvenile records might prevent this from plaguing you in the future. A Manassas expungement lawyer may be able to help you to expunge your records.

Police Records Expungement

Under some circumstances, a Manassas resident may apply for an expungement of the law enforcement documents. Per the Code of Virginia §19.2-392.2, qualifying events may include the following:

  • Failure to prosecute
  • Dismissal of charges
  • Identify theft
  • Acquittal

To acquire an expungement of police records, an individual files and argues a petition in court. Before appearing in court for the expungement, petitioners will have to submit a complete set of fingerprints to the state police. A skilled Manassas expungement attorney will be able to help you navigate the complicated process.

Juvenile Records Expungement in Manassas

The Manassas courts are required to keep a separate docket of juvenile cases, in compliance with §16.1-302 of the Code of Virginia. Such records are confidential and may only be viewed by relevant personnel, including judges, lawyers, social workers, parents, and the youth after they turn 18.

Each year by the authority of §16.1-306, the juvenile court purges the records of certain individuals who have reached the age of 19 and have not had a court hearing for the past five years. However, if the convicted offense was such that it had to be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the records will be preserved until the person turns 29. An experienced expungement lawyer in Manassas may be familiar with petitions for the destruction of juvenile case materials.

Expungement of DNA Records

Per the Code of Virginia §19.2-310.7, a convicted defendant, who has their conviction overturned, may request to have their DNA removed from the data bank. Moreover, once a petition is granted, the Virginia Department of Forensic Science may purge all samples and other identifiable information.

Individuals who have been suspects, but were eventually eliminated as the perpetrator of a crime, may also petition for expungement. Per the Code of Virginia §19.2-11.10, before DNA will be purged by the data bank, an individual will need to provide the court with written confirmation of the exoneration from either law enforcement or the district attorney.

An expungement attorney in Manassas might be able to petition for DNA expungement on behalf of a client. They may also be able to supervise the process to ensure that it is properly completed.

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There are some life events that you want to be kept private. Instead of worrying about what secrets others might uncover, it may be beneficial to petition for an expungement. Requests for expungement could be made simpler through the assistance and advocacy of an attorney.

A Manassas expungement lawyer may be able to assist with petitions for the destruction of police and court records, as well as DNA profiles and other private items. Call today to make an appointment to consult with a local legal professional. You may be able to have your records expunged sooner than you originally thought you could.

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