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If you have been accused of conspiracy to commit a crime, you may feel extremely worried. A conviction of conspiracy is possible, even if the planned illegal act failed to be executed.

If you have been charged with conspiring to commit an unlawful act, you may need experienced counsel. A Manassas conspiracy lawyer may be a vigorous advocate for you in the courtroom.

Conspiracy to Commit a Felony

Codified by the Code of Virginia §18.2-22, conspiracy to commit a felony is forming an agreement with at least one other person to commit a crime that is categorized in Manassas as a felony. To qualify as a conspiracy, one or more of the participants needs to engage in an overt act in furtherance of the felony, beyond mere planning.

The sentencing for conspiracy to commit a felony will depend on the crime that was planned. Moreover, each conspirator may be liable for all foreseeable crimes achieved during the accomplishment of the felony.

Conspiring to commit a crime that is punishable by death may be charged as a class three felony. However, an agreement to carry out noncapital acts may result in a class five felony charge. A skilled Manassas conspiracy attorney may discuss these concepts in more detail during a consultation.

Conspiring to Trespass

Conspiring to commit a trespass is a class three misdemeanor. It constitutes planning with at least one other person to enter the land of another without permission and setting out to do so.
Signs on someone else’s land that warn others to keep out may be used as evidence that the act was wrongful. The placards may demonstrate that the accused and their co-conspirators knew that entering the land would be considered trespassing.

Conspiracy to Commit Larceny

Conspiracy to commit larceny is described in §18.2-23 of the Code of Virginia. In Manassas, larceny is unlawfully taking and permanently depriving another of property worth $500 or more.

A conviction for conspiracy to commit larceny may result in incarceration for anywhere from 12 months to 20 years. Thus, it can be beneficial to retain a savvy conspiracy lawyer in Manassas, who might be able to defend the accused and garner a successful outcome.

Sentences for Conspiracy Compared with Other Crimes

Per §18.2-23.1 of the Code of Virginia, for many crimes, if a defendant is found guilty of the underlying offense, they may not be tried and convicted of the conspiracy, as well. However, if the conspirators did not complete the planned offense, they still could be tried for conspiring to carry out the unlawful act.

Generally, incarceration periods for conspiracy convictions mirror the sentencing guidelines for the planned crime. Thus, a defendant, who is found guilty of conspiracy to commit the intended offense, could serve as much time as if they had succeeded in their act. A well-versed conspiracy attorney in Manassas might discuss this subject at length with individual clients.

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If you are facing a felony conviction for conspiracy, you may feel overwhelmed by the possibility of incarceration. Hiring counsel who could vigorously advocate for you and construct a strong defense might be your first step toward putting this horrible ordeal behind you.

A seasoned Manassas conspiracy lawyer might have experience with cases similar to yours. Call the law offices of a local Manassas attorney to get started with building your effective defense.

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