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Sometimes when you are driving in Manassas, you might become distracted or overexcited. If you got pulled over during one of these drives, you may now need an attorney. Traffic infractions can be scary when the citation could lead to hefty fines or incarceration. If this is your current situation, it might be a wise idea to hire a Manassas traffic lawyer.

Receiving a traffic ticket might at first seem like no big deal. However, if the infraction that was ticketed is categorized as a misdemeanor, life could become very serious for the driver.

Reckless Driving Charges

Some reckless driving infractions are listed in the Virginia Crime Code (VCC). A conviction on a charge might result in fines and a license suspension or possibly even jail time.

The more serious traffic crimes can put a driver in jail for six months to one year. An experienced Manassas traffic attorney may be able to get evidence excluded so that a motorist is declared not guilty. Alternatively, a lawyer may be able to get a charge reduced or argue for a lighter penalty.

Reckless Driving While Texting

Texting while driving is a traffic infraction, which is listed in the Code of Virginia at §46.2-1078.1. However, some texting cases are even charged as reckless driving and the law regarding texting and driving is constantly changing.

If not reduced to a texting while driving charge, a motorist could receive a penalty of up to a year in jail and possible license suspension. It might be helpful to retain a traffic lawyer in Manassas who is well-versed in having charges reduced to a more appropriate citation. Alternatively, an attorney may be able to establish doubt that the act was actually performed.

DWI After Forfeiture of a Driver’s License

A citation for drinking and driving can be serious as a singular offense, and it might result in a person losing their driver’s license for at least 12 months. If that person then gets back in the car and drives without a license while drunk, it could result in jail time.

Per the Code of Virginia §46.2-490.9, a motorist who drives on a suspended license while impaired may receive a sentence of up to one year. An individual who faces such a charge without a lawyer to advocate for them could either be wrongly convicted or have an excessive sentence imposed on them.

Get Help From a Manassas Traffic Attorney Today

If you have received a citation for a traffic offense, you probably should not treat it lightly. Some infractions carry heavy fines or even jail time.

Drivers who are in trouble with the law can call a Manassas traffic lawyer. If may be helpful to rely on an experienced attorney rather than taking your chances by representing yourself. Contact local legal counsel today, so you can put the traffic citation behind you.

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