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Manassas Driving Without Registration Lawyer

A Manassas driving without registration lawyer can help you avoid penalties and costs if you are accused of driving your vehicle without following Virginia laws for registration. If your vehicle is on the roads without complying with registration requirements, you can face court costs and fines. If you fail to respond by paying the fine or coming to court, you face more serious penalties including the potential loss of your license. An attorney in Manassas with experience in cases involving driving without a valid registration can provide you with advice on how best to respond to keep costs down and your record clear.

How a Manassas Driving Without Registration Lawyer Can Help

Driving without registration lawyer in Manassas VirginiaWhen you are accused of driving without a registration, or other related offenses such as no proof of insurance or no inspection sticker, the most important thing is to respond to the citation. This means getting your vehicle properly registered and providing proof of registration, and it also means paying any fines and fees or pleading not guilty to avoid these penalties.

If your citation requires you to go to court or if you want to challenge the accusation that you were driving without valid registration, inspection, or insurance, you need to appear in court on the designated day.

A Manassas driving without registration lawyer can be there to represent you. Your attorney can advise you on your legal rights and can explain options to try to avoid penalties, limit fines, and protect your license from demerit points that can cost you. Call today to learn more.

Manassas Virginia Laws on Driving Without Registration

Virginia Code Section 46.2-600 makes it very clear that every motorist on the road is required to obtain a valid registration for a motor vehicle, trailer, or semi-trailer. When applying for registration, you must provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with information on the address of the owner or lessee of the vehicle.

Before a vehicle can be registered:

  • Your car must be titled in the state of Virginia.
  • You must have an emissions inspection completed if the vehicle is garaged in Manassas, or certain other locations including Arlington, Loudoun, Prince William, or Stafford. The inspection station will update the DMV automatically when you have your emissions test done.
  • You must certify you have purchased the minimum required motor vehicle insurance or must pay an uninsured motor vehicle fee. For motor vehicles, you must have at least $25,000 in bodily injury coverage per person and $50,000 per accident. You also must have $20,000 minimum in property damage coverage. The insurer providing your coverage must be authorized to conduct business in Virginia

Once your vehicle is registered, the registration must be renewed periodically. You may receive a discount for some classes of vehicles if you renew your registration for two years at a time.

Drivers who fail to comply with any and all of these requirements can face serious consequences. In some cases, you may receive multiple citations and fines including fines for not having your annual inspection completed, as well as fines for not having motor vehicle insurance coverage as required by law. For questions regarding your status contact a Manassas driving without registration lawyer.

Call an Experienced Driving Without Registration Lawyer in Manassas

Driving without a registration, although a serious driving-related charge, does not always have to impact your record and your insurance premiums. With the help of a Manassas driving without registration lawyer, you can evaluate your defense options and work to move past your charges as quickly as possible.

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