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Authorities at Manassas schools sometimes decide that a student is guilty without investigating whether or not they are. A youth might develop a reputation for doing wrong, and then get blamed by default for numerous adverse incidents.

There may have been offenses committed at school, in which a few of the charged students were merely bystanders. Additionally, sometimes youth are castigated for events because they are friends with the actual perpetrators of the wrongful acts.

If your son or daughter is in legal trouble because of an alleged incident at school, a Manassas student defense lawyer might be able to advocate for them at court. Even young people are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Fights at Schools

If a youth gets in a physical fight on school grounds or on the bus, they could be charged with assault and battery. Per the Code of Virginia §18.2-57, simple assault and battery is a class one misdemeanor. If a student is charged with this offense and the school determines that they targeted the other participant in the fight, the charges might be elevated.

By statute, a person who is deemed to have attacked another student because of their race, religion, or national origin may face a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days in juvenile hall. The court might penalize the student with up to six months of incarceration.

A Manassas student defense attorney may be able to support a youth’s assertion that they were not the aggressor, but were merely defending themselves by fighting back. Moreover, the onus is on the prosecutor to provide evidence of a prejudice-based assault and battery. Legal counsel may be able to create enough doubt about the allegations to obtain a verdict of not guilty.

Defense of Student Hazing Incidents

Under Manassas law, hazing is defined as recklessly or intentionally endangering the health or safety of students for the purpose of initiation into a club, organization, fraternity, or sorority.
Per §18.2-56, it is illegal to haze a fellow student at a college or university. If a classmate suffers bodily injury as a result of hazing, the school administration may discipline the involved students. Moreover, the president of the university is required to report the incident to the authorities for possible criminal charges.

Hazing is a class one misdemeanor in Manassas. Any student who is found to have participated in the infliction of the hazing could be subject to criminal charges or a civil lawsuit.
A student defense lawyer in Manassas might be able to extract a student from the group who is charged. Counsel might also be able to show that a client was not actually involved in the event, or did not perform acts that would constitute hazing under Manassas law.

Speak with a Manassas Student Defense Attorney Today

If your child was in a fight, is being blamed for hazing, or has some other kind of legal trouble, a Manassas student defense lawyer might be able to argue on their behalf. Incidents involving students can get emotionally charged, and it may benefit a youth to have clear-headed counsel by their side.

Make an appointment for a consultation with a Manassas legal professional today. Children have their entire lives ahead of them, and it can be tragic when their future is ruined by a criminal charge. Contact a defense attorney today to get the help that your student may need.

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