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Speed Traps in Mecklenburg County

Usually, when people talk about speed traps, they are referring to an area where the speed limit drops for just a brief period of time, and law enforcement it regularly posted there to catch speeding drivers. Speed traps are designed for officers to issue a high volume of tickets from a single location over time.

Speed traps in Mecklenburg County are all over, and new ones crop of frequently. If you are worried about speed traps or have been issued a ticket for driving over the limit, an experienced speeding lawyer may be able to help.

Where Do Officers Set up Speed Traps?

A common type of speed trap in Mecklenburg County is when an area is heavily patrolled by police. Usually, multiple law enforcement officers will be present, measuring the speed of all drivers on the highway. Anytime drivers pass through that area, they may be pulled over for traveling in excess of the speed limit. This may not be in an area where the speed limit changes, but just where there is high traffic.

However, officers usually wait in areas where the speed limit changes, using speeding radar or lidar to record how fast people are driving. On highway 58, especially, there are a number of speed limit changes in Mecklenburg County and people are pulled over regularly in that area. Near the area of Boydton and again at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 58, there are speed limit changes. It is also true that Highway 58 and Interstate 85 are regularly patrolled by law enforcement looking for speeders. In many instances, the main highways in Mecklenburg County have at least one speed trap.

The Purpose and Legality of Speed Traps in Mecklenburg County

While many cynics believe that speed traps only exist to create revenue for the jurisdiction, there are many legitimate reasons that speed traps may be necessary. In highly trafficked areas, there may be a higher chance of collisions with higher speeds, or it may be a residential area, with children frequently present. Speed traps are set up to encourage safe driving and deter people from speeding. As long as officers follow proper procedure for recording vehicle speed and execute traffic stops lawfully, there is no violation or issue with the setting of speed traps in Mecklenburg County.

Speed traps work when officers are simply observing the traffic as it passes by. A person must have slowed down prior to the speed change. If they passed the sign at a higher speed, as soon as they are at that sign, they have exceeded the speed limit.

A Speeding Lawyer Could Help With Tickets From a Speed Trap

Everyone should know that Interstate 85 is regularly patrolled by law enforcement and monitored with police radars. Additionally, on Highway 58 traveling to Mecklenburg County, there are a number of speed limit changes. It is essential to pay attention while you are driving to avoid speed traps in Mecklenburg County. If you have received a ticket, call a local speeding attorney today.

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