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At any stop sign or red light, drivers always come to a full stop, meaning there is no momentum whatsoever. If a driver is planning to turn right and they are at a red light, they can complete their turn after they come to a full stop and make sure it is safe to turn if there is no sign that prohibits right turns at that particular light.

Anytime a driver fails to appropriately yield, even if an accident has not occurred, they can be given a citation. The driver can also be charged with failure to yield if the law enforcement officer determines that they did not have the right-of-way at the moment of the accident. At a yield sign, if the driver does not slow down to pay attention to whether or not oncoming traffic might be present, they could be charged with failure to yield.

If you have received a failure to yield citation, you may want to consult with a seasoned traffic attorney. A Mecklenburg County failure to yield lawyer could review your charge and help you understand your options.

How Does the Right-of-Way Apply to These Cases?

Even when an intersection is not marked with a traffic sign, such as a yield sign, right-of-way laws apply. If someone is turning left on a green light or turning across traffic at an intersection, the right-of-way law is governed by who needs to yield in that situation. Individuals who have questions about these laws should reach out to a failure to yield lawyer in Mecklenburg County.

Liability Following Failure to Yield Accident

Law enforcement officers investigating an accident will make certain findings of fact at the scene that they will present as evidence at a later court date. In court, the judge will determine the ultimate liability of the driver after reviewing evidence as presented in court. That will be the ultimate conclusion as to whether a driver has liability in an accident caused by failure to yield/disobeying traffic signals. Even if there are no traffic signals, a failure to yield allegation could be well-founded if the right-of-way laws were not obeyed.

Consequences of a Failure to Yield Violation

If a person is charged with failing to yield, they could face an increase in insurance premiums. Also, they could be dropped from an insurance policy if convicted. A failure to yield ticket also brings fines, court costs, and points on a driver’s license. Fortunately, a dedicated attorney could fight to keep a person’s driving record clean.

Insurance companies favor drivers who do not have traffic violations or accidents, and they particularly respond unfavorably to drivers who are determined by a court to be at fault for an accident. The typical response of insurance companies is to raise the driver’s premiums for every traffic citation and/or accident.

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If you have been charged with failing to yield, you may want to consider the assistance of a well-versed legal professional. Let a Mecklenburg County failure to yield lawyer advocate for you. Call today.

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