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Speedometer Calibration in Mecklenburg

Drivers rely on their speedometers to accurately gauge how fast they are going on the road. Knowing your speed on the road could be the difference between following the law, slightly speeding, or reckless driving. Because we depend on these instruments to tell us where we are in relation to the speed limit, speedometer calibration in Mecklenburg traffic cases could impact your charges.

Before you are charged with speeding or reckless driving, it is important to ensure that your speedometer is giving precise and accurate readings. Having adequate knowledge of how fast your car is traveling could help you avoid accidentally committing such infractions. A traffic attorney may have the experience necessary to build a defense based off of an inaccurate speedometer.

What is Speedometer Calibration?

A mechanic can perform a speedometer calibration to test the actual speed of the vehicle versus the speed indicated by the speedometer. For instance, if the speedometer indicates the individual is driving 70 when they are actually traveling 74 miles per hour, they may travel at a reckless speed without being aware they reached that high speed.

Having a properly adjusted speedometer could help drivers be aware of their speed on the road, but unfortunately, many vehicles, even new ones may have discrepancies between their recorded speed and the actual rate of travel. A driver could have their speedometer calibrated by almost any mechanic. The price varies from business to business but calibrations in Mecklenburg generally cost between $50 and $100. While getting a calibration has a cost and may be inconvenient, the cost of calibration is almost always lower than the cost of a speeding ticket or a reckless driving charge, and having to go to traffic court and hire an attorney is often a bigger hassle than visiting the mechanic.

How Speedometer Adjustment Could Help with Traffic Violations

To judges in Mecklenburg, a speedometer calibration that shows an inaccurate speed may be a mitigating factor in a case. Judges often find it unjust to convict someone of reckless driving when their speedometer indicated that they were driving at a legal and safe speed. While it may not completely overturn allegations or a conviction, this may mitigate or reduce potential penalties.

The law states that all drivers are responsible for driving at a safe speed in accordance with the posted speed limits. However, if the speedometer is faulty, it is presumed that the driver is on the road without the ability to accurately measure their speed. If a Mecklenburg attorney offers evidence of the speedometer calibration error to the judge, the judge may be willing to reduce the penalties or even that charge.

The Importance of Speed Gauge Accuracy in Mecklenburg

Usually, speedometer calibration is a worthwhile expense, especially when an individual is driving a vehicle that is more than two or three years old. As vehicles age, their gauges may have increasing variance and error in their readings. Any discrepancy between their speedometer and their actual speed usually works in their favor in court.

A seasoned attorney could help you collect evidence that your speedometer was incorrectly calibrated, and potentially use it as a defense against traffic charges. For more information about speedometer calibration in Mecklenburg County, call an attorney today.

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