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Mecklenburg County Traffic Stops

When a driver is pulled over by the police, they should know what to expect and how the traffic stop process is conducted. When the officer approaches the vehicle, the driver should expect the officer to inform the driver of the reason they were pulled over. The driver is not required to offer any explanation or statements to the law enforcement officer in response to what the allegation is. The driver’s hands should always remain on the steering wheel as the officer approaches the vehicle.

The officer will typically ask for the driver’s license and registration. After providing the officer with the driver’s documentation, the driver should expect the officer to return to his vehicle. When the officer returns to their vehicle, it is to double-check the driver’s information in their database.

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Questions to Expect an Officer to Ask

The first question an officer is likely to ask is to see the driver’s license and registration of the vehicle. If the vehicle is registered to someone else, the officer will ask how the driver came into possession of the vehicle. The officer will likely ask where the driver is coming from and/or where they are going.

It is important to know that drivers are not required to make any statements in response to what the traffic allegations are. Often, the officer is just trying to conduct business and move on with their day just like the driver.

The driver should not admit speeding or to not paying attention to their speedometer. If at all possible, the driver should not answer questions directly because admitting that a person is speeding is going to be a sufficient evidence to convict them when they go to court. At Mecklenburg County traffic stops, it is imperative for drivers to not answer investigative questions.

Under What Circumstances Should a Driver Exit the Vehicle?

The driver should only exit their vehicle if the officer has ordered them to exit their vehicle and, even when an officer has asked them to exit the vehicle, the driver is within their rights to ask if that is necessary for completion of the traffic stop or whether they are free to go after they have been cited for the traffic stop. The driver exiting the vehicle only enhances the risk of further allegations being made against the driver rather than just simple infraction that the officer mentioned as the reason for the stop.

Other Actions that May Occur at a Mecklenburg County Traffic Stop

In rare instances, an officer might ask an individual to get out of the vehicle as an additional aspect of the traffic stop. Occasionally, a second officer will come to the passenger side of the vehicle. That is not always the case, but a driver should be prepared for that as well. After the officer has had the driver sign the Summons (which is summoning the driver to appear in court), the officer will return to their vehicle. They might take a few minutes before returning to the highway. Once the officer returns the driver’s identification and leaves the vehicle, the driver is free to return to the roadway.

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