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Radar Detectors in Mecklenburg County

A police radar detector is a device that is used to measure speed. They work by measuring the speed of objects in their visual field. It could be anything from a bird, to a baseball, to a vehicle traveling down the highway. Radar detectors display the item that has traveled into their view, and they further display the measured speed beside that item. They also produce an audible tone. The higher pitch of the tone indicates a higher speed of the item that is being measured.

Read below to learn more about radar detectors in Mecklenburg County. And if you are facing traffic charges, reach out to an accomplished lawyer today.

Is it Illegal for Driver to Have a Radar Detector in Their Vehicle?

It is illegal for a driver to have a radar detector in their vehicle in Virginia, including in Mecklenburg County. They are allowed to have it disabled and removed from any power source while they travel to Mecklenburg County. But if it is connected and operating, then that is a violation of Mecklenburg County law.

If a person is driving from a state where a radar detector is legal, they should disconnect it from the power source and remove it from the passenger part of their vehicle. They need to put it in a glove box or in their trunk until they get outside of Virginia.

If a person is caught with an operating radar, the officer will take the device for the purposes of the court. There is also a traffic infraction. They could go face a fine for having a radar detector in their possession.

Mistakes to Avoid Regarding Radar Detectors

There are no exceptions for operating a radar detector in Mecklenburg County. Mecklenburg County is on the border of North Carolina and many people enter Mecklenburg County with their radar detector still working. They can be detected by the police officer’s radar and so it is important to make sure that drivers have disabled their radar detector under all circumstances when they are traveling to and within Mecklenburg County.

The biggest mistake to avoid regarding radar detectors in Mecklenburg County is that the person turns the device off but it is still connected to a power source and could still be detected. They may forget that their radar detector is connected, but the fact that they did not intend to use it is not a defense. If it is plugged in, connected to a power source, then they are in violation of the law. An individual facing traffic charges should consult with a seasoned lawyer right away.

What is a Radar Jammer?

Radar jammers are devices that are meant to prevent a radar gun from operating, from being able to get an accurate measurement, or to measure the speed of an item or a vehicle. Radar jammers are illegal in Mecklenburg County. The device will be confiscated by law enforcement, and the owner will face a fine for using one.

How a Mecklenburg County Attorney Could Help

If you have any questions about radar detectors in Mecklenburg County, you should seek the services of a skilled lawyer. If you are facing a speeding charge, there are many defenses that an attorney could use to fight the allegation. For instance, perhaps the officer made an error when using the radar device. Call today and set up a consultation with a well-versed legal professional.

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