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Mecklenburg County Traffic Cases

A traffic offense could lead to fines, jail time, points on the offender’s driver’s license, and probation.

The most common traffic infraction with serious repercussions is reckless driving. Reckless driving is a Class 1 Misdemeanor which is a frequent infraction in Mecklenburg County. Reckless driving is not just speeding at a high rate, it is a criminal charge.

A speeding offense is one of the most common traffic infractions in Mecklenburg County. The various law enforcement agencies in the area are frequently patrolling the highways. If they see someone going over the speed limit, they will pull them over. They do not have any qualms about stopping a driver, even if they are going in the flow of traffic if they are driving at an excessive speed.

If you have been charged with a traffic offense, you may want to get in touch with a seasoned attorney who is experienced with Mecklenburg County traffic cases. An accomplished traffic lawyer could help you reach a favorable outcome in your case.

Traffic Penalties

The potential penalties for traffic infractions in Mecklenburg County range from a small fine and court costs (with demerit points on a person’s license, depending on what state a person’s license is with and whether Virginia reports to their state) all the way up to jail time, depending on the speed that a person is traveling or what else might have been involved.

The most common traffic infraction to be considered a misdemeanor is reckless driving, though any sort of impaired driving, like a DUI, will also be a misdemeanor.

Traffic infractions, such as subsequent offense DUI, could rise to the level of a felony if there is such a reckless disregard for safety as to cause an accident, such as a hit and run or allegation of eluding the police.

Point System

The point system relates to the level of infraction that a person has been convicted of. Depending on the seriousness of that offense, and the offender can get three points, four points, or even six points on their license.

When a person is convicted of a traffic infraction, depending on what it is and how serious it is, points will be assigned to their driver’s license in the State of Virginia. If Virginia reports that person’s infraction to their home state, then their home state might also apply points to their license.

Building a Defense to a Traffic Offense

When building a defense in Mecklenburg County traffic cases, a criminal lawyer is going to:

  • Speak with the person that is accused of the crime
  • Research the facts of the situation
  • Represent that person in court all the way to the conclusion of the case, whether that is a trial or a plea agreement

The most common strategy when defending a traffic charge is to contest the evidence and test the weight and reliability of the evidence presented against the accused. Other strategies often involve knowing the person’s driving record and using that to their advantage in court.

A Mecklenburg County Lawyer Could Help

Local attorneys will be the most familiar with local courts and customs. Defendants should look for lawyers who focus on customer service. If you are facing charges, you should consult with a local and dedicated lawyer as soon as possible. Call today to learn more about Mecklenburg County traffic cases and how an attorney could help you.

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