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Although Virginia has a reputation as a gun-friendly state, there are many regulations regarding the ownership, sale, transport, and carrying of a firearm. These regulations can be challenging to keep track of, and a simple mistake could lead to a serious firearm charge. When this occurs, an accomplished criminal defense attorney could help a defendant protect their constitutional rights and fight the charges. A Brunswick County gun lawyer could serve as your advocate and work to have the charges against you dismissed or mitigate the ramifications.

The Constitutional Right to Openly Carry a Firearm in Brunswick County

Compared to the counties in some other states, the regulations for firearm sales and use are fairly loose in Brunswick County. There is no permit required for the purchase of guns, nor is there a license required before ownership. Registration of firearms is unnecessary, excluding the provision in Virginia Statute 18.2.-295 that requires the registry of machine guns with the Department of State Police.

The rules for carrying firearms are fairly simple as well. State law allows the open carry of both long guns and handguns without a license. As an attorney could further explain, while some cities have barred the open carry of large magazine shotguns and assault rifles, Brunswick County has no such ordinance.

However, a permit is required to carry a concealed handgun and proof of successfully completing a certified training course is required before the state will issue a permit. The only exception to this permit requirement is carrying a concealed weapon in a motor vehicle as long as it is stored in a container or separate compartment within the vehicle.

Restricted Places Under State Law

Some places have additional restrictions that are not present elsewhere in public. For obvious reasons, the right to possess firearms can be curtailed on another person’s private property. Carrying a weapon – concealed or in the open – onto the property of another person might result in a trespass charge, but this is only the case when the property owner has made a request not to carry weapons onto the property or posted signs to that effect.

There is also a ban on carrying any weapon, including a firearm, into a place of religious worship while a meeting for religious purposes is going on. Doing so could result in a Class 4 misdemeanor.

Additionally, carrying a firearm in a courthouse is also outlawed. This prohibition extends not only to firearms but to devices used with firearms including suppressors and ammunition. Bringing a weapon into a courthouse is a Class 1 misdemeanor under state law.

Finally, guns are also completely prohibited in schools within the county. This extends beyond the classroom and into any school bus. The prohibition is also in effect in any space open to the public being used for school activities. To fully understand the parameters placed on Brunswick County firearm owners, it may be necessary to discuss specific situations with a highly experienced lawyer.

Call a Brunswick County Gun Attorney for Guidance

While the laws surrounding gun ownership are complex, understanding these rules could go a long way in preventing you from mistakenly violating the law.

Even if you have been accused or charged with a violation, you might be able to obtain an acquittal for the charges you are facing or mitigate the consequences with the help of a talented Brunswick County gun lawyer. To discuss your case, call to schedule a consultation right away.

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