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Those who are unfamiliar with student defense may not understand how defending a student is different than other criminal defense situations in Brunswick County. In many cases, the stakes are higher, and it may be necessary to develop defense strategies to handle disciplinary hearings at the school as well as in court potentially.

Students should be looking forward to a future filled with potential, so it is important to ensure that a student accused of wrongdoing has access to the assistance needed to protect that future. An experienced Brunswick County student defense lawyer could help with defense in academic settings, juvenile court, and even traditional criminal court. To obtain the best advantages from legal representation, it is essential to consult a criminal defense lawyer as soon as allegations of wrongdoing arise, even if charges have not yet been filed.

Academic Charges

Many schools have an honor code and can subject students to disciplinary proceedings for violations of this code or other school rules.


While a disciplinary proceeding at school cannot expose a student to the potential for incarceration, it may lead to many other severe and lasting consequences. Students may be censured or expelled, creating an academic record that could interfere with employment and further educational opportunities. They may also lose the ability to participate in certain programs or use school facilities, including housing.


One of the most important factors to be aware of in an academic setting is that students may be investigated and subjected to discipline without the protections offered in a court of law. The student may not have the opportunity to question the person accusing them of wrongdoing and may be limited in the type of evidence they can present in their defense. Even if a tribunal does not allow legal counsel to advocate on behalf of a student, a skilled attorney in Brunswick County could coach that student on their defense and how to answer anticipated questions to reduce the potential for self-incrimination.

Criminal Charges For Students

Often the same set of circumstances that lead to school disciplinary proceedings could also lead to a criminal investigation and charges. The school proceeding will normally progress more rapidly than the criminal case. Evidence uncovered during a school investigation could be used in a criminal proceeding as well. Common issues charges students may face include:

An attorney in Brunswick County could collect evidence right away to defend a student against the charges. Prosecutors must prove every element of a particular crime in order to achieve a conviction, so if a local lawyer can successfully refute one allegation regarding the offense, it may be possible to have charges dropped or reduced.

Work with a Dedicated Brunswick County Student Attorney

A knowledgeable representative could negotiate beneficial arrangements for a student accused of wrongdoing. It may be possible to arrange for counseling in place of incarceration. If a school intends to expel a student, an attorney could negotiate a voluntary withdrawal to avoid the negative impact on the student’s record.

A Brunswick County student defense lawyer could have more opportunities to advocate favorably on behalf of a student if a working relationship is established as soon as allegations of wrongdoing arise. To schedule a consultation, call now.

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