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The Commonwealth of Virginia is no different from any other state in that it prohibits the purchase, sale, or use of controlled substances. State law categorizes the drugs identified by federal law into different categories.

The penalties for possessing a controlled substance can be steep. In large quantities, a conviction could drastically alter the course of your life forever. Thankfully, a seasoned criminal defense attorney could help you fight back against these charges.

If you are being prosecuted, you are entitled to have zealous legal counsel by your side. A Brunswick County drug lawyer could review the charges against you and give you a fair assessment of your chances and the best possible strategies.

Drug Classifications in Brunswick County

Just as with federal law, state law also classifies every controlled substance into categories. These categories, known as schedules, combine drugs with similar perceived danger and addictive nature. These substances also vary based on legitimate medical uses. Typically, drugs without medical value are treated harshly compared to controlled substances that have some form of medical application.

There are six drug schedules, with Schedule VI containing the least-regulated substances and Schedule I containing the steepest regulation. Schedule VI is made up of certain prescription drugs that are not listed elsewhere in the schedule. Schedule V contains codeine cough syrups and other cough suppressants with limited habit-forming properties. Schedule IV also consists of prescription medications including depressants and tranquilizers. Schedule III drugs have medical uses but are also highly habit-forming, including anabolic steroids and hydrocodone. Schedule II is home to prescription drugs with severe risk of addiction, like oxycodone and morphine. Finally, Schedule I contains street drugs like heroin or LSD.

The only controlled substance left out of these schedules in the Commonwealth of Virginia is marijuana. While possession of marijuana is outlawed in the state, there are limited exceptions, including treatment of glaucoma or cancer. An experienced lawyer in Brunswick County could investigate an individual’s drug case to determine the validity of the prosecution’s case and build a defense against it.

Drug Possession

The most commonly charged drug crime throughout the county is the possession of a controlled substance. According to Virginia Statute 18.2-250, it is against the law to possess a controlled substance without a prescription or other authorization. While prescriptions for certain medications are common, authorization to possess other controlled substances is extremely rare. A seasoned attorney could explain the regulations regarding particular controlled substances and potential exceptions to violations in Brunswick County. A controlled substance is any drug that falls into one of the six drug schedules or marijuana. The schedule that a drug falls into will determine the potential sentence that comes with a conviction for possession.

Contact a Brunswick County Drug Attorney As Soon As Possible

The potential penalties for a drug possession charge are serious. In addition to time behind bars, a felony conviction could also impact your right to vote, own firearms, maintain employment, secure loans, or even find housing. If you need to build the strongest defense, a local lawyer could be your best source of assistance. Call today to schedule a consultation with a skilled attorney. Let a Brunswick County drug lawyer fight for you.

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