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Chantilly Reckless Driving Lawyer

If a law enforcement officer decides you have driven your vehicle recklessly, you could find yourself facing criminal charges and fighting in court to keep your license. Luckily, a Chantilly reckless driving lawyer is available to help you with that fight.

Your attorney can explore all possible options for responding to a charge of reckless driving so you can reduce the chances of conviction or minimize possible penalties faced from a criminal charge. Call and schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Chantilly today to discuss your case and learn more.

What Can a Reckless Driving Lawyer in Chantilly Do for You?

A reckless driving lawyer serving clients in Chantilly knows the Virginia laws that criminalize certain types of driving behaviors. Your attorney also knows the legal arguments that can be made to defend against an accusation that you have broken those laws.  When a reckless driving case goes to court, you do not have to prove you didn’t engage in unsafe behavior. Unless a prosecutor can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your actions crossed the line into recklessness, you shouldn’t be convicted. A Chantilly reckless driving attorney will help explore all possible ways to help you make the prosecutor’s case impossible to prove.

In some cases, you may not want to take a chance on a court verdict. When you want to ensure you protect yourself and get the minimum penalties possible, you can negotiate a plea deal. Let your lawyer talk to a prosecutor on your behalf to try to get a pre-trial alternative to a criminal conviction, to try to get the charges reduced, or to try to get the charges reduced.

Your Virginia reckless driving lawyer can not only provide assistance in negotiating a plea deal or in going to court, but can also help you to make a more informed choice about which of these two options is the right one given the evidence in your case.

Reckless Driving Laws in Chantilly

Virginia Code Section 46.2-852 establishes a general rule prohibiting reckless driving and making it a criminal offense to operate a vehicle in a reckless manner or at a speed that creates an unreasonable risk.  A defendant may be charged with a reckless driving for things like:

  • Going too fast,
  • Failure to maintain the brakes on his vehicle,
  • Road racing,
  • Or other behaviors that law enforcement think cross the line from a simple traffic offense.

Reckless driving is not just another moving violation, and a charge for driving recklessly is more serious than getting a traffic citation. You actually can be left with a criminal record, in addition to a 90-day suspension of your license for even a first offense. Do not treat an accusation of reckless driving casually—be proactive in fighting the serious accusations that have been made against you.

Call a Chantilly Reckless Driving Lawyer for Help

Call a Chantilly reckless driving lawyer today to get the legal help you need in responding when police and prosecutors come after you for your driving skills. Your future right to drive and your finances should not be affected because someone else decides you were unsafe behind the wheel.

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