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Radar Devices in Spotsylvania Speeding Cases 

Radar devices in Spotsylvania speeding cases are a common element to challenge in court. The radar detection equipment and the radar gun capture the speed of a vehicle based on waves that are bounced off of the vehicle and brought back. Radar calculates the speed of a vehicle based on the timing of sound waves that are bounced off of the moving vehicle and back to the instrument. A skilled Spotsylvania County speeding ticket lawyer can provide more information.

How Radars are Used

Radar detectors are located in different places depending on the jurisdiction and whether or not there is a local officer or state officer involved. They might have the radar in their vehicle or they might have it on their handheld device. Sometimes radars are attached to the vehicle – a front radar and back radar device. Radar readings can be specific. They can gauge the speed of vehicle down to the exact mile per hour.

Weight Given in Court

In addition to the officer’s testimony of the radar device’s reading, the radar calibration is used as evidence. This means that the officer’s testimony about the radar reading weighs heavily on credibility. The officer’s testimony is very significant in any case where a person is accused of speeding. The court will consider whether or not the radar is correct. It can be difficult to determine how the judge is going to weigh the evidence, and will depend on elements such as correct calibration and the officer’s training and experience in using that particular radar device.

Training for Officers

In Spotsylvania, training officers for radar devices for speeding depends on the office and it depends on the type of agency that the officers are working for. For example, there are certain places where officers are just trained on how to use the specific equipment, which is a brief overview all of the different types of equipment available. There is no statewide or nationwide minimum requirement for training either for radar devices in speeding cases.

Proving Calibration

The calibration of the radar is proved by a sheet of paper that shows a person’s calibration with specific measurements. Each device is tested according to the power supply work and responds to a signal from a specific tuning fork to test the radar. There is going to be a tuning fork or gun calibrated. Based on that calibration, the tuning fork or gun will send waves at certain speeds to the radar gun to test it. Calibration is important for radar devices in Spotsylvania speeding cases.

Radars in Driver’s Vehicle

Some drivers think that it is a good idea to use a radar detector because they mark the spot where police shoot the radar guns from and slow down in time to avoid being caught. In these cases, the radar detector works as a notification system, which can block an officer’s signal. However, having a radar in a driver’s car is illegal in the state of Virginia. Talk to a professional attorney if you have further inquiries regarding radar devices in Spotsylvania speeding cases.

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