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Many individuals charged with DUI in Spotsylvania County feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the possible legal, social, and professional repercussions of their charges. However, a Spotsylvania DUI attorney with our law firm can help alleviate the stress associated with these charges.

Whether the charges you face represent a first offense or a repeat offense, our Virginia DUI attorneys have the experience necessary to guide you to the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

The fines and penalties associated with DUI charges in Virginia are extremely serious. However, the defense lawyers at our firm understand the consequences you are facing and can work to craft a case that demonstrates why you should not face the maximum penalties. Our attorneys are skilled and resourceful when it comes to DUI cases and can use their experience to help you work toward a favorable outcome in your case. En Español.

Why Hire a Spotsylvania DUI Lawyer?

A DUI can happen very quickly and when you least expect it. These types of cases are prosecuted very seriously in Spotsylvania County. If you have been charged, an experienced DUI attorney at our firm can help to build your defense. Too often, people who are charged with DUIs feel as though they have no legal options.  This is not true – you do have options and you do have rights.

Our team of defense lawyers can explain your options and rights are and can carefully go over your case with you in detail.  With us, you are not treated as “just another case.” We recognize that every case is different and that each case we take on is given the personal attention it needs in order to be successful.  With one of our Spotsylvania County DUI lawyers representing you, you can feel confident that you are getting individualized time and that your case is in good hands.

DUI Stops in Spotsylvania County

If you are stopped and suspected of DUI, the officer may request that you perform a series of field sobriety tests. Based on the outcome of the tests, the officer may ask you to take a breathalyzer test.

Whether you should take the breathaylzer test depends on the circumstances of your particular case, but it is important to remember that, in Virginia, refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test carries an automatic one year suspension of your license.

It is important to contact a Spotsylvania DUI lawyer as soon as possible following your DUI stop so that you can begin the process of protecting yourself from the charges that may follow.

Call A Spotsylvania County DUI Attorney for Assistance

DUIs can be stressful, but our attorneys can help make them as easy for you as possible. Our DUI defense lawyers constantly advocate for your rights and can work to ensure that every available avenue for a favorable resolution is explored. We can explain your case in detail to you and can explain anything you do not understand.  Call today for your free legal consultation.

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