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Being accused of a sex crime is a very serious matter and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Not only do you run the risk of being sentenced to jail and have to pay large fines, but you also face the stigma attached to these accusations. In Virginia, you must also register in the Sex Offender Registry if you are convicted. Fortunately, contacting a Spotsylvania County sex crimes lawyer can be a big step in the right direction. A defense attorney in Spotsylvania can fight to get your charges reduced and help prepare you for what to expect through the legal process. En Español.

Types of Sex Crimes

Sex crimes can generally be broken down into two areas: sexual offenses and sexually violent offenses. While both types of offense can have serious consequences, the penalties for the sexually violent offenses tend to be harsher. Spotsylvania County sex crime lawyers work on all types of cases, but they primarily defend rape, statutory rape, child pornography, and sexual battery charges. Following an arrest for any of these charges, it is important to get in touch with a lawyer right away.


Rape is defined as sexual intercourse that is accomplished:

  • Against the will of the alleged victim;
  • Through force, the threat of force, or intimidation; or
  • Because of the alleged victim’s mental or physical incapacitation; or
  • With an alleged victim who is 13 or younger (see Virginia Code Section 18.2-61).

The penalties for a rape conviction can be very severe. You can be sentenced with five years to life and you must register as a sex offender. The penalties get a lot worse if the alleged victim is less than 13 years old, more than three years younger than the alleged attacker, or the rape is attached to another violent crime such as kidnapping or burglary. In these instances, you could potentially be looking at 25 years to life, if convicted (see Section 18.2-61(B)(1)).

These penalties are very intimidating, but an experienced attorney can help you by planning your defense and fighting for your rights.

Sexual Battery

You can be charged with sexual battery if you sexually (1) abuse someone (2) against their will (3) by force, threats, or trickery (see Section 18.2-67.4).

Sexual battery is a Class 1 misdemeanor with penalties of a $2,500 fine and no more than 12 months in jail.

However, the crime can become aggravated sexual battery if certain conditions are met (see Section 18.2-67.3) and then the consequences jump up to a felony conviction with a prison term of one to 20 years and a fine of $100,000. As a result, it is a good idea to hire a sex crimes lawyer in Spotsylvania to ensure that you have the best defense possible.

Benefit of a Spotsylvania County Sex Crimes Lawyer

You should not have to go through the process of being accused of a sex crime alone. You deserve to be represented by a seasoned Spotsylvania County sex crimes attorney who can examine the unique facts of your case, help you during your investigation, and provide you with the legal know-how that you need. The prosecutor’s office must prove each element of the crime that you are accused of. Your lawyer will try hard to put doubt into the mind of the judge or jury as to your guilt.

Whether it is defending your rights in court, arguing for a lesser charge, or possibly getting your charges dropped altogether, having a Spotsylvania County sex crimes lawyer on your side is a good idea.

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