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Working with a Spotsylvania County Sex Crimes Lawyer

It is extremely important to work with somebody who is an experienced Spotsylvania sex crime lawyer because sex offenses are so specific in detail in relation to the set of facts that need to be proved for a conviction that it takes more than just representing a person themselves in order to be able to avoid the serious outcomes that do come with a sex crime conviction.

Benefits of an Attorney

The benefit of working with a Spotsylvania sex crimes attorney when facing charges first, would be to help minimize the amount of exposure and amount of damages that can happen just based on the investigation and the charge itself.

The second would be to mount an appropriate defense and a thorough defense to the charge to help minimize the collateral consequences and the potential jail time and prison time associated with these types of charges.

Then, the third would be to help the person navigate through the process, which is tricky, complicated, and extremely overwhelming, and a defense attorney will be able to guide them through the process and allow them to know what to expect and how to prepare for each step of the way.

Mitigating Penalties

The penalties somebody can face for a sex crime conviction in Spotsylvania can range from fines and jail time all the way up to life in prison depending on the charge.

This is not only for the purposes of defending the individual themselves at trial but also for pre-arrest mitigation of damages. When somebody is talking to the police, the police are asking questions and investigating, an individual’s reputation may be ruined even if there is no substance to the charge itself.

That can be a huge problem because a person’s life can be preemptively affected even if there is no basis for the underlying charge. That is something an attorney can help mitigate and help do damage control with that type of situation. A person needs to contact a defense attorney as soon as possible in order to be able to start mitigating the damages and also start limiting the effects that it can have on one’s life.

Role of an Attorney

The role of an Spotsylvania sex crimes attorney in a case is to not only serve as a barrier between the defendant and the criminal justice system—police officers, investigation, the prosecutor, and potential penalties—but to also do a separate investigation and to try to find the mitigating evidence in order to mount an appropriate defense to the charge to help try to fight the case.

Client-Attorney Relationship

The value of trust in a sex crimes case between the Spotsylvania sex crimes attorney and the defendant is of an immense value because a lot of this has to do with knowing all of the facts so an individual can know what to defend against and a person can have a heads up on what is coming, and the only way a defense attorney can appropriately prepare for a thorough, robust, and aggressive defense to this type of case is if the defendant is honest with the attorney and the attorney knows what is coming.

It is important for the defendant to trust the Spotsylvania sex crimes attorney and to tell the attorney what happened, and to trust in the attorney-client relationship, and that the attorney is not going to use the information against the client but will use it for the client’s benefit and to help prepare a defense. But if a defendant is not willing, to be honest with an attorney about what happened, it makes the attorney’s job much more difficult in defending this type of case.

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